Opposite of VOYAGE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When seeking the opposite of a journey or adventure, one may turn to antonyms for voyage. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to each other, providing clarity and contrast in language. In the case of voyage, antonyms can offer descriptors for staying put or remaining in one place.

Exploring antonyms for voyage can help to expand vocabulary and provide a deeper understanding of the concept of travel. By identifying words that convey the opposite of setting sail or embarking on a voyage, one can appreciate the nuances of language and the various ways in which ideas can be expressed.

Whether searching for words to express stationary positions or counteract the idea of travel, antonyms for voyage serve as a valuable linguistic tool. By delving into these antonyms, individuals can enhance their communication skills and broaden their lexical repertoire.

35 Antonyms for VOYAGE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for voyage. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding VOYAGE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Voyage Sentence with Antonym
Stay She decided to stay at home instead of embarking on a voyage. She decided to go on a stay at home instead of embarking on a voyage.
Departure The voyage began with a grand departure from the port. The journey began with a quiet arrival at the destination.
Settle After a restless voyage, she was ready to settle in one place. After a restless journey, she was ready to unsettle and explore new horizons.
Return The voyage lasted for weeks before they finally prepared to return home. The voyage lasted for weeks before they finally embarked on an uneventful departure from the destination.
Land The ship reached the land after a perilous voyage across the ocean. The ship departed from the land for a calm voyage across the ocean.
Staycation Instead of a long voyage, they opted for a relaxing staycation at home. Instead of a long staycation, they opted for an exciting voyage to faraway lands.
Immobility The voyage promised adventure while her immobility held her back. The journey promised adventure while her mobility urged her forward.
Halt The storm forced the ship to come to a sudden halt in the middle of their voyage. The smooth sailing all the way through the voyage allowed them to effortlessly proceed forward.
Repose The voyage offered an escape from the daily turmoil and a chance for repose. Tired of the constant repose, he sought adventure and thrill through a voyage.
Disembark They were filled with excitement as they prepared to disembark after a long voyage. They were filled with excitement as they prepared to embark on a new adventure after a long stay at home.
Quay The ship docked at the quay after a long, tiring voyage. The ship departed from the quay and set sail on a majestic land journey.
Arrival The arrival marked the end of an adventurous voyage. The departure marked the beginning of a new, exciting journey.
Abandon She made the difficult decision to abandon the voyage halfway through. She made the difficult decision to continue and complete the voyage despite the challenges.
Terminus The terminus of the voyage was a beautiful island in the Pacific. The terminus of the stay was a peaceful cabin in the woods.
Asphalt The sailors were accustomed to the vast, open sea, not the hard, unending asphalt road. The road trippers craved the familiar sight of asphalt after months at sea on a never-ending voyage.
Jettison In a desperate attempt to save the sinking ship, they had to jettison some cargo during the voyage. To lighten their load on the long voyage, they chose to take on some additional cargo.
Retrieve The lost artifacts from the voyage were impossible to retrieve from the deep ocean. The lost artifacts were easy to retrieve during the relaxing stay at the beach.
Animate The crew was in high spirits as they embarked on the exciting voyage. The animate atmosphere on the ship made the quiet, peaceful stay even more enjoyable.
Remit Payment for the voyage was remit and needed to be settled before they departed. The expenses for the extended stay at the luxurious resort would be sent through remittance.
Roam Their hearts longed to roam freely, away from the confines of the voyage. Content with her stay, she had no desire to roam aimlessly.
Sojourn The short voyage could only be described as a quick sojourn from their daily lives. The extended sojourn on the tropical island felt like a never-ending voyage of paradise.
Approach Their approach to the voyage was methodical and well-prepared. Their erratic, spontaneous approach led to many unexpected discoveries during the voyage.
Detour The unexpected detour disrupted their voyage and added hours to their journey. Preferring the main track, he avoided any unnecessary detours during his peaceful stay.
Navigable The rough waters made the once navigable route treacherous for their voyage. The calm lake was always navigable and perfect for a leisurely stay.
Transitory The beauty of the voyage was in its transitory nature, forever changing as they sailed on. Her stay felt simplistic and permanent, a far cry from the constant transitory nature of a voyage.
Farewell Tearful farewells were exchanged as they boarded the ship for their long voyage. Joyful reunions greeted them upon their welcome after the long voyage.
Stationary His desire to always be in motion conflicted with the idea of a stationary voyage. The stationary life on the farm was a welcome change after months of voyage at sea.
Wayfarer As a seasoned wayfarer, he had experienced many adventures during his voyage. As a content homebody, he couldn’t understand the allure of being a wayfarer always embarking on a new stay.
Paralysis The paralysis of fear gripped her as she contemplated the upcoming voyage. The freedom of youth granted him the liberty to explore without the paralysis of doubt holding him back.
Disorientation The constant motion of the voyage left them in a state of disorientation. The calm life of easily recognizable routines at home reduced any disorientation he had felt during the voyage.
Monotonous The monotonous days at sea contrasted sharply with the excitement of their voyage. The life of constant excitement felt overwhelming to him, and he longed for the monotonous routines of his home stay.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of VOYAGE

In summary, while some may embark on extravagant and extended journeys, others may prefer to stay put and enjoy the comforts of home. The contrast between these two approaches is evident in the diverse experiences of those who travel extensively and those who opt for a more stationary lifestyle. Despite the allure of adventure and exploration, there is equal value in taking time to appreciate the familiarity and stability that can be found in one’s own surroundings. Ultimately, whether one chooses to venture out on a voyage or find contentment in staying put, both paths offer unique opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

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