Opposite of VULNERABLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for vulnerable, we are exploring words that convey strength, resilience, and invulnerability. Vulnerable, by definition, refers to being susceptible to harm, injury, or emotional wounds. In contrast, antonyms for vulnerable denote qualities of protection, security, and fortitude.

One antonym for vulnerable is “secure,” indicating a state of safety and protection from potential threats or harm. This term suggests stability and a lack of susceptibility to danger or risks. Individuals or entities that are secure exhibit a sense of confidence and assurance in their ability to withstand adversity.

Another antonym for vulnerable is “invincible,” which conveys a sense of being unbeatable or unconquerable. This word implies a high degree of strength and resilience, suggesting an immunity to vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Those who are considered invincible are seen as impervious to harm or threats, embodying a formidable and unassailable quality.

35 Antonyms for VULNERABLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for vulnerable. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding VULNERABLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Vulnerable Sentence with Antonym
Invulnerable He felt vulnerable walking alone at night. With armor, he was invulnerable to the enemy’s attacks.
Secure The child’s health conditions made her vulnerable to infections. She felt secure in her strong immune system.
Protected The old house was vulnerable to leaks during heavy rain. The new roof made it protected from water damage.
Defended The company’s outdated network system left it vulnerable to cyber attacks. With the latest security software, the network was defended against hackers.
Shielded Being out in the open made the deer vulnerable to predators. The thick bushes shielded the deer from harm.
Impervious Being new to the city, she felt vulnerable to scams. After familiarizing herself with common tricks, she became impervious to fraud.
Resistant The damaged house was vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. The new, sturdy structure was resistant to storms.
Invincible The superhero’s weakness made him vulnerable to certain attacks. With his new powers, he felt invincible against all threats.
Guarded Exposing personal information online can make you vulnerable to identity theft. Keeping your personal details confidential can help you stay guarded against such crimes.
Fortified Lack of vaccinations can make young children vulnerable to diseases. Regular vaccinations help keep their immune system fortified against illnesses.
Impenetrable The old gate was vulnerable to break-ins. The new, strong gate was impenetrable to any intruders.
Shielded Not wearing a helmet makes motorcyclists vulnerable in case of accidents. A helmet shielded the rider’s head from injury.
Prepared The town was severely hit by the storm, as it was vulnerable due to poor infrastructure. After improvements, the town is now prepared for any incoming storms.
Safe Leaving valuables in an unguarded area can leave them vulnerable to theft. Keeping valuables in a locked safe keeps them safe from thieves.
Protected The endangered species is vulnerable to extinction. Conservation efforts help keep them protected from disappearing.
Shielded The warm temperature made the animals in the zoo vulnerable to heat strokes. The shaded area shielded the animals from direct sunlight.
Guarded The team was vulnerable to a counter-attack as they pushed forward aggressively. They decided to play defensively and be more guarded against enemy advances.
Unassailable The castle’s old walls made it vulnerable to enemy sieges. With the new reinforced walls, the castle became unassailable.
Defended The exposed wires were vulnerable to damage. The protective covering defended them against wear and tear.
Impervious The lack of antivirus software made the computer vulnerable to viruses. The updated software impervious the computer from malware attacks.
Strong During a power outage, homes without generators are vulnerable to the cold. The generator kept the house strong against the weather conditions.
Resilient The old ship was vulnerable to leaks due to its worn-out hull. The new coating made the ship more resilient against water damage.
Guarded The child’s naivety makes him vulnerable to peer pressure. Teaching him to make his own decisions helps him stay guarded against negative influences.
Shielded The lack of sunscreen made the skin vulnerable to sunburns. Applying sunscreen shielded the skin from harmful UV rays.
Prepared The sudden market changes left the company vulnerable to bankruptcy. A strategic financial plan can help them stay prepared for such fluctuations.
Safe Walking alone at night can make women vulnerable to attacks. Walking in well-lit areas with others makes them feel safe.
Protected The species is vulnerable to habitat destruction. Conservation efforts are in place to keep them protected.
Shielded The lack of proper attire left the hiker vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Wearing appropriate clothing helped shield the hiker from the elements.
Defended Not having an alarm system makes a house vulnerable to burglaries. Installing an alarm system helps defend the house against intruders.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of VULNERABLE

Being strong and resilient can shield individuals from harm or exploitation, unlike being fragile or defenseless. By demonstrating courage and fortitude, people can avoid being taken advantage of or manipulated. It is essential to cultivate independence and inner strength to ward off feelings of susceptibility or insecurity. When individuals are empowered and self-reliant, they are less likely to be subject to vulnerability or exploitation.

Individuals who are self-assured and invulnerable are better equipped to navigate challenges and setbacks. Instead of being exposed and susceptible, they possess the strength and tenacity to overcome obstacles. By embodying resilience and steadfastness, people can safeguard themselves from being seen as weak or powerless. It is crucial to foster a sense of empowerment and confidence to counteract vulnerability and ensure personal well-being.

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