Opposite of WEALTHY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for the term “wealthy,” we are exploring words that describe the opposite financial status or condition of being affluent or rich. These antonyms represent individuals or situations that lack material abundance, prosperity, or monetary assets.

One common antonym for wealthy is “poor,” which denotes a state of having little or no money, resources, or means to live comfortably. The term “poor” often indicates a scarcity of financial stability or insufficient income to meet basic needs or afford luxuries.

Another antonym for wealthy is “destitute,” referring to extreme poverty or a complete lack of material possessions. Individuals described as destitute are typically without adequate shelter, proper nutrition, or access to essential resources needed for survival. This term signifies a severe level of financial hardship or impoverishment.

35 Antonyms for WEALTHY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for wealthy. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding WEALTHY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Wealthy Sentence with Antonym
Poor He inherited a fortune from his father. She struggled to make ends meet because she was destitute.
Needy The affluent family owned a luxurious yacht. The impoverished family couldn’t afford basic necessities.
Impecunious The business tycoon resided in a mansion. The penniless artist lived in a small studio apartment.
Destitute They dined in an expensive restaurant. They relied on charity for food as they were indigent.
Beggarly Their opulent lifestyle was the envy of many. Their beggarly existence attracted pity from others.
Hard-up He invested his money wisely and grew wealthy. She struggled financially and remained perpetually hard-up.
Impoverished The CEO lived in a lavish penthouse. The impoverished family lived in a rundown apartment.
Skint They enjoyed lavish vacations around the world. They were always broke and skint at the end of the month.
Penurious The successful entrepreneur spent freely on luxury cars. The penurious man hardly spent money on anything other than essentials.
Bankrupt The prosperous company expanded its operations every year. The sudden economic downturn left them bankrupt.
Insolvent The privileged family had everything money could buy. The company went insolvent due to mismanagement.
Poverty-stricken They donated generously to various charities. The village was poverty-stricken and lacked basic amenities.
Have-nots The wealthy neighborhood was known for its mansions. The have-nots struggled to find affordable housing.
Poverty-ridden The wealthy heiress owned multiple properties. The poverty-ridden area was plagued by crime and unemployment.
Depressed They were able to afford the finest things in life. The depressed town’s economy never fully recovered.
Deprived She was born into a wealthy family with a trust fund. Children in deprived areas often lack access to quality education.
Impoverished The lottery winner became instantly rich. The natural disaster left thousands impoverished.
Scanty He was a successful investor with a diverse portfolio. With scanty resources, they struggled to make ends meet.
Struggling The rich heiress had millions in the bank. The struggling artist lived paycheck to paycheck.
Indigent The tech entrepreneur sold his startup for a fortune. The indigent family lived in a shelter for the homeless.
Affluent Growing up in an affluent family, she had every luxury. The struggling artist lived in an impoverished neighborhood.
Hard-pressed They always flew first class when traveling. The company was hard-pressed to stay afloat amidst financial woes.
Scrounging The wealthy businessman owned a private jet. The scrounging student struggled to pay for textbooks.
Hardscrabble The wealthy couple owned multiple properties. The hardscrabble family lived in a cramped apartment.
Needy The CEO lived in a luxurious mansion. The homeless man was needy and often went hungry.
Devoid They were able to afford designer clothes and accessories. The devoid community lacked basic amenities like clean water.
Insufficient The wealthy philanthropist donated generously. The insufficient funding led to the closure of the charity.
Scarcity The wealthy heiress had everything money could buy. The scarcity of jobs in the region led to high unemployment rates.
Necessitous They purchased a luxurious vacation home by the beach. The necessitous family struggled to put food on the table.
Impoverished The company’s profits soared, making its shareholders rich. The workers were impoverished due to low wages and job cuts.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of WEALTHY

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to describe individuals who are not wealthy. Some may be struggling financially, while others may simply be living comfortably within their means. Those who are not well-off may still find joy and contentment in life through experiences and relationships, rather than material possessions. It is important to recognize the diversity of financial situations and understand that wealth is not the only measure of a person’s worth. By appreciating the different facets of wealth and prioritizing personal fulfillment over monetary gain, individuals can lead fulfilling lives regardless of their financial status.

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