Opposite of WEST – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for west are words that express directions opposite to the west. These antonyms convey positions and orientations that contrast with the west, providing a clear reference point for navigation and spatial relationships.

In contrast to the west, antonyms define directions such as east, north, and south. These words serve as opposites to west when indicating locations or movements on a map, compass, or in a description of a setting.

Understanding the antonyms for west enables individuals to comprehend relationships between various directions and navigate effectively in different contexts. By recognizing these contrasting terms, individuals can communicate directional information accurately and efficiently, enhancing spatial awareness and orientational skills.

35 Antonyms for WEST With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for west. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding WEST antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with West Sentence with Antonym
East The sun sets in the West each evening. The sun rises in the East each morning.
Up The cowboy rode West into the sunset. The cowboy climbed up the mountain.
Inside The town is located to the West of the river. The town is situated inside the valley.
Beginning The journey to the West started early in the morning. The journey to the Beginning never ended.
End The river flows from the West to the sea. The river meets its End where it empties into the ocean.
Left The canyon is located to the West of the town. Turn right at the junction, not left.
Close The sun is setting West of the field. The moon is close to the horizon.
Sunset The sky turned orange as the sun set in the West. Colorful afterglow was visible after the Sunset.
Far The island is located West of the mainland. The city is located far from the coast.
Depart The ship set sail heading West towards new horizons. The train is about to depart from the station eastward.
Finish The race started on the West side of the track. The winner will finish on the other side.
Right The valley lies to the West of the mountain peak. The hidden treasure could be right in front of you.
Past The sun casts long shadows in the West in the evening. Memories from the past flooded her mind.
Clockwise The compass needle points towards West. Rotate it in a clockwise direction.
Late The last train leaving the station was heading West. Hurry, or you’ll be late for your flight eastwards.
Behind The setting sun left a Westward glow in the sky. The start line is now behind you.
Close The sun is setting West of the mountains. Come close to admire the view.
Minus The sun sets in the West subtraction zone. Add, don’t minus, to reach the solution.
Finish They started the race on the West side. The clock is ticking to the finish.
Dawn The town sleeps on the West side of the river. Silence before the dawn calms the world.
Depart The ship sailed away heading West into the sunset. The plane is ready to depart for the east coast.
Dark The sky turns fiery red as the sun sets in the West. The room was pitch dark when the lights went out.
Below The sun set below the hills in the West. The warmth of the sun is felt from below.
Early The sun climbed higher in the sky after setting in the West. Early risers were already at the summit.
Finish The road trip started on the West coast. The grand finale is at the finish line.
Late The stagecoach heading West left the station. Don’t be late, or you’ll miss your ride eastwards.
North The wind blows from the West over the fields. The mountains stand tall to the North of the valley.
Sunrise The town awakens on the West side of the river. The day begins with the sunrise.
Approaching The journey West was long and adventurous. The storm was approaching from the east.
Goodbye As the sun sets in the West, it’s time to say goodbye. The reunion ended with heartfelt goodbyes.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of WEST

In exploring the antonyms for “west,” we have uncovered a range of contrasting directions such as east, south, and north. These terms help us understand the cardinal points in relation to the opposite of west. By juxtaposing these antonyms, we are able to grasp a comprehensive understanding of spatial orientations and navigate different geographical locations with clarity.

Understanding the antonyms for “west” provides valuable insight into directions and helps us expand our knowledge of geography. By familiarizing ourselves with these opposing terms, we are better equipped to describe locations accurately and navigate our way through the world with ease.

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