Opposite of WHISPER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for whisper refer to words that represent the complete opposite action of speaking softly or quietly to convey a message. While whispers are characterized by their hushed and low volume, antonyms for whisper are known for their loud, clear, and possibly even intense vocal delivery.

The opposite of a whisper is typically a form of communication that is projected with strength and volume, often meant to be heard by a wider audience or in a more assertive manner. Antonyms for whisper can convey messages with vigor, authority, and unmistakable clarity, in stark contrast to the subtle and reserved nature of whispers.

Antonyms for whisper encompass a wide range of vocal expressions that may include shouting, yelling, speaking loudly, or making a statement with boldness and resonance. These forms of communication are characterized by their audibility, straightforwardness, and lack of subtlety, providing a stark contrast to the intimate and discreet nature of whispering.

35 Antonyms for WHISPER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for whisper. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding WHISPER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Whisper Sentence with Antonym
Shout She whispered the secret to her friend. She shouted the secret to her friend.
Yell Please whisper the instructions to me. Please yell the instructions to me.
Proclaim He whispered his love for her in her ear. He proclaimed his love for her in front of everyone.
Announce They whispered the news to each other. They announced the news to the whole group.
Call out The teacher whispered the answer to the student. The teacher called out the answer to the student.
Roar The parents whispered to each other during the meeting. The parents roared at each other during the meeting.
Hush The couple whispered sweet words to each other. The couple hushed each other in anger.
Exclaim She whispered softly as not to wake the baby. She exclaimed loudly in excitement.
Cry out The child whispered for help from the other room. The child cried out for help from the other room.
Publicize They whispered the news to avoid a commotion. They publicized the news to make it known to everyone.
Share Let’s whisper our secrets under the stars. Let’s share our thoughts openly with each other.
Roar The wind whispered through the trees. The wind roared through the mountains.
Sing She whispered the lyrics of the lullaby to the baby. She sang the lullaby in a soft, soothing voice.
Mumble He whispered the answer so quietly that it was hard to hear. He mumbled his response, making it unclear.
Speak loudly The librarian whispered to keep the silence in the library. The librarian asked the person to speak loudly which disrupted the silence.
Boast She whispered about her achievements. She boasted about her achievements openly.
Scold Instead of whispering, she scolded the child for his misbehavior. Instead of scolding, she whispered gentle words of comfort.
Yell They whispered their vows during the intimate ceremony. They yelled their vows in front of the whole congregation.
Scream Despite her anger, she whispered her frustration calmly. Despite the calm situation, she screamed unexpectedly.
Taunt She whispered insults behind his back. She taunted him openly, trying to provoke a reaction.
Hide If we whisper, no one will hear our conversation. If we hide our voices, no one will know where we are.
Project Even though they were far away, she could whisper and be heard. Even though they were close, she had to project her voice to be audible.
Exclude They whispered about excluding him from their group. They openly discussed whether to include him in their activities.
Converse Instead of whispering, they should converse openly. Instead of conversing, they prefer to whisper secretly.
Rally The leader whispered to his followers to maintain secrecy. The leader rallied his followers with a powerful speech.
Communicate Whispering is necessary in certain situations to maintain privacy. Communicating openly is essential for clear understanding.
Purr The cat whispered softly to her kittens. The cat purred contentedly while receiving pets.
Roar The lion whispered as it stalked its prey. The lion let out a mighty roar before attacking.
Reveal Instead of whispering, she chose to reveal her secret openly. She decided to keep it a secret and whispered for fear of it revealing.
Enlighten Instead of whispering the wisdom, he should enlighten them with it. Instead of seeking enlightenment, they chose to whisper in ignorance.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of WHISPER

In summation, the antonyms for whisper, such as shout, bellow, and yell, represent loud forms of communication that lack discretion and subtlety. While a whisper conveys secrecy and intimacy, these opposing words depict a more blatant and noticeable way of conveying information. By using these antonyms effectively, one can highlight the contrast between gentle, hushed communication and loud, bold expression. Embracing the spectrum of vocal levels from whisper to shout broadens our understanding of the nuances in human communication and emphasizes the importance of matching our volume and tone to the desired message and context.

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