Opposite of WIDELY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to language and communication, antonyms play a vital role in expressing the opposite meaning of a word. Antonyms serve as linguistic tools that enable us to convey contrasting ideas or concepts. By providing words with opposite meanings, antonyms allow for clearer and more nuanced expression in writing and speech.

As an essential element of language, antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to one another. They are used to highlight distinctions, contrasts, or contradictions in a given context. Antonyms enhance communication by offering a way to precisely convey opposing ideas or emotions, adding depth and clarity to language usage.

In various fields such as literature, education, and everyday conversation, antonyms are utilized to broaden the scope of expression, allowing for more diverse and sophisticated communication. By incorporating antonyms, individuals can better articulate their thoughts, emotions, and intentions, enabling effective and nuanced communication with others.

35 Antonyms for WIDELY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for widely. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding WIDELY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Widely Sentence with Antonym
Rarely Widely known for its stunning sunsets, the beach is a popular destination. The rare bird species is rarely seen in this part of the world.
Narrowly The product is widely available in stores across the country. The exclusive designer boutique only sells items narrowly distributed.
Minimally The technology is widely used in various industries for efficiency. The new policy changes will only affect employees minimally.
Locally The news of the festival spread widely among tourists and locals. The event was intended to be a small gathering, advertised locally only.
Sparingly Vitamins should not be taken widely without consulting a doctor. Medicine should be used sparingly to avoid any side effects.
Scarcely The new supermarket chain has widely expanded its presence in the city. Fresh produce is scarcely available in the remote mountain town.
Selectively The magazine caters to a widely diverse audience with its content. The exclusive club only admits members selectively based on criteria.
Uncommonly The candidate’s popularity has grown widely after the recent debate. The traditional dish is uncommonly found outside of its home country.
Individually The instructions are aimed to benefit a widely diverse group of users. Each student will be assessed individually based on their performance.
Seldom The bestselling novel has been read widely by readers around the world. The author seldom attends book signings and public events.
Restricted The theme park offers widely appealing attractions for visitors. Access to the exclusive resort is restricted to invited guests only.
Specifically The software is designed to be used widely by all types of businesses. The training program is tailored specifically to individual needs.
Infrequently The company’s services are widely used by customers across the region. The rare gemstone is infrequently found in nature due to its rarity.
Closely The project team worked widely to collaborate on the final presentation. The intimate group of friends decided to work closely on the surprise.
Conclusively The research findings have been accepted widely by the scientific community. The controversial theory is yet to be proven conclusively with evidence.
Inadequately The task was performed widely in a rush, leading to mistakes. The job duties were fulfilled inadequately due to lack of proper training.
Exclusively The design label distributes its luxury items widely to various markets. The luxury brand retails its products exclusively through selected stores.
Negligibly The impact of the new policy was felt widely by employees at all levels. The minor adjustment in the budget will be negligibly noticeable next year.
Comprehensively The report covers the topic widely with detailed analysis of each aspect. The new legislation will be reviewed comprehensively by legal experts.
Scantily The topic was investigated widely during the research project. The evidence to support the claim was found scantily in the archives.
Specifically The training program offers modules that apply widely in various scenarios. The course material is designed specifically for beginners in the field.
Uncommonly The species of flora and fauna are found widely in the national park. The insect species in the rainforest are uncommonly seen by visitors.
Infrequently The app is used widely by smartphone users for its convenient features. The historical building is infrequently opened to visitors due to repairs.
Never The dessert is a widely popular choice on the restaurant’s menu. The bitter vegetable is never ordered by patrons due to its taste.
Partially The concert was enjoyed widely by attendees of all ages. The funding for the project was granted only partially by the committee.
Unevenly The paint was applied widely across the canvas to create texture. The distribution of resources was allocated unevenly among different regions.
Specifically The guidelines are directed towards being applied widely in the organization. The new policy changes are implemented specifically in the IT department.
Rarely The pop-up store items were widely sold out within hours of opening. The antique jewelry collection is rarely seen in regular stores nowadays.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of WIDELY

In terms of popularity, these methods are not commonly utilized. Conversely, they are not infrequently employed. While some may deem these approaches as narrowly adopted, others might argue that they are occasionally implemented. It is essential to recognize that despite not being extensively used, these strategies can still be effective in certain situations. Ultimately, the range of implementation varies, and what may be considered limited in one context could be deemed adequate in another. Thus, the extent to which these methods are utilized should be carefully assessed based on their suitability and effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes.

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