Opposite of WIDESPREAD – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for widespread refer to words that are opposite in meaning to something that is found, distributed, or existing over a large area or among many people. These antonyms highlight the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of reach, prevalence, or extent. By understanding antonyms for widespread, one can grasp the concept of rarity, limited distribution, or confined presence.

Exploring antonyms for widespread can provide a nuanced perspective on various topics, such as trends, opinions, or occurrences that are not universally accepted or prevalent. These antonyms offer insight into the contrasting aspects of situations where something is not expansive or widely prevalent, presenting a counterpoint to the notion of widespread. By utilizing antonyms for widespread, individuals can enrich their vocabulary and effectively convey the specificity of a situation that diverges from being widespread.

Knowing antonyms for widespread can enhance communication by offering precise language choices that accurately capture the opposite of being widespread. These antonyms help to paint a clearer picture by pinpointing situations, ideas, or objects that deviate from being commonly found or widely distributed. Utilizing antonyms for widespread enables individuals to express a more detailed and subtle understanding of the extent to which something is not widespread.

35 Antonyms for WIDESPREAD With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for widespread. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding WIDESPREAD antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Widespread Sentence with Antonym
Limited Widespread support was exhibited for the project. Support for the project was limited to a few individuals.
Rare The disease was widespread among the population. The disease was rare among the population.
Scarce Resources are not widespread in developing countries. Resources are scarce in developing countries.
Uncommon This plant species is widespread in tropical areas. This plant species is uncommon in tropical areas.
Confined News of the scandal did not remain widespread for long. News of the scandal was confined to a few circles.
Sparse The water supply was not widespread in the drought-affected region. The water supply was sparse in the drought-affected region.
Unpopular The president’s policies were widespread among the populace. The president’s policies were unpopular among the populace.
Unique The style was considered widespread in the fashion industry. The style was considered unique in the fashion industry.
Restricted The knowledge of ancient languages is not widespread. The knowledge of ancient languages is restricted.
Localized The outbreak of the virus was widespread in the city. The outbreak of the virus was localized in the city.
Exclusive The event was widespread and open to all attendees. The event was exclusive and limited to VIP members.
Unusual The phenomenon was widespread across the region. The phenomenon was unusual across the region.
Rarefied Talent of such caliber is not widespread in the industry. Talent of such caliber is rarefied in the industry.
Concentrated Wealth was widespread in the metropolitan area. Wealth was concentrated in a few affluent neighborhoods.
Scattered The debris was widespread across the field after the storm. The debris was scattered across the field after the storm.
Hushed Rumors were widespread throughout the office. Rumors were hushed throughout the office.
Singular The belief was widespread among the followers. The belief was singular among the followers.
Limited Opportunities were widespread during the economic boom. Opportunities were limited during the economic boom.
Rare The species was once widespread in the region. The species is now rare in the region.
Concentrated Efforts were widespread among the volunteers. Efforts were concentrated among the core team members.
Restricted Access to the data was widespread within the company. Access to the data was restricted within the company.
Limited Enthusiasm for the project was widespread among the staff. Enthusiasm for the project was limited among the staff.
Scattered The flowers were widespread in the garden. The flowers were scattered in the garden.
Unique The art style was once widespread in the community. The art style is now unique in the community.
Localized Protests were widespread across the country. Protests were localized in the urban areas.
Rarefied Expertise like hers is not widespread in the field. Expertise like hers is rarefied in the field.
Common The misconception was widespread among the students. The misconception was common among the students.
Rare The knowledge was widespread in the ancient society. The knowledge is now rare in the modern society.
Thinned Vegetation was once widespread in the area. Vegetation is now thinned in the area.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of WIDESPREAD

In summary, rather than being widespread, something that is uncommon or limited in scope may be deemed as rare. On the contrary to being omnipresent, an object or concept that is confined to a specific area or group can be considered as localized. While ubiquitous denotes something that is present everywhere, restricted signifies something that is confined to a small or specific area. Thus, variations in the extent of presence can categorize things as widespread or limited, common or rare, universal or localized. The antonyms for widespread provide a spectrum of descriptors that highlight the range of prevalence and distribution of various entities in different contexts.

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