Opposite of WITHIN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring language and vocabulary, it can be essential to examine antonyms, which are words that express opposite meanings. Antonyms serve as valuable tools for enhancing communication and providing a deeper understanding of the relationships between words.

One common category of antonyms is composed of words that signify the opposite of “within.” These antonyms can illuminate concepts associated with proximity, distance, or external placement. By recognizing and utilizing antonyms for “within,” speakers and writers can effectively convey ideas related to location, boundaries, and spatial orientation.

This exploration of antonyms for “within” broadens our linguistic repertoire and fosters precision in expressing various spatial relationships. By incorporating these antonyms into our vocabulary, we can articulate nuanced distinctions and enrich our communication skills.

35 Antonyms for WITHIN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for within. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding WITHIN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Within Sentence with Antonym
Outside The keys are within the drawer. The children are playing outside the house.
Beyond Her talent lies within the arts. Her dreams reach beyond the stars.
Exterior The solution is within the problem. The paint is peeling off the exterior walls.
Outside Love blossoms within the heart. The storm rages outside the window.
Externally The system is stable within the organization. The market influences the company externally.
Exterior The answer is within the book. The flowers bloom in the exterior garden.
Beyond Happiness is found within oneself. Adventure awaits beyond the horizon.
Outside The meeting is within the conference room. The party will be held outside the office.
Externally The team cooperates within the company. Investors fund the project externally.
Beyond The truth lies within the statement. There are possibilities beyond imagination.
External The focus is on issues within the team. The market conditions are external factors.
Outside The key to success is within oneself. Wisdom can be gained from experiences outside.
Interior The secrets are hidden within the castle. The beauty of the landscape lies interior.
Externally The team communicates well within the project. The government intervenes externally.
Beyond The solution is within the grasp. The boundaries are far beyond our sight.
External The issues seem trivial within the company. The global market changes are felt external.
Inside The power lies within the individual. Snow falls gently on the outside.
Beyond The concept is clear within the theory. The possibilities seem endless beyond.
Exterior The treasure is hidden within the cave. They plan to change the building’s exterior.
Inside The strength comes from within. The birds chirp cheerfully outside.
Externally The team collaborates effectively within the company. The regulations affect operations externally.
Beyond The satisfaction is within the journey. Adventure awaits beyond the mountains.
External The responsibility lies within the team. Weather conditions are external influences.
Outside The solution is within reach. Opportunities lie just outside the door.
Interior The issue must be resolved within the department. Great care is given to the interior design.
Externally The company thrives within the industry. The economic situation affects the company externally.
Beyond The key to success is within your reach. The possibilities are endless beyond.
External The virus spreads within the community. The weather changes are external factors.
Inside The power is within us. The trees sway gently outside.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of WITHIN

In conclusion, when we consider the antonyms for ‘within’, such as “outside”, “beyond”, and “external”, we understand the concept of boundaries and the contrast between inside and outside. These antonyms highlight the spatial or conceptual separation between two distinct areas or ideas. By exploring these antonyms, we gain a deeper appreciation for the differences and distances that exist between various entities, whether physical or abstract. Understanding these antonyms helps us appreciate the significance of delineating boundaries and recognizing the diverse spaces that exist beyond what is contained within a certain parameter.

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