Opposite of WORTH – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for worth, we are exploring terms that convey the opposite meaning of value or significance. These antonyms serve to illustrate concepts that go against the idea of being valued, esteemed, or perceived as important.

Contrasting with worth, antonyms can encompass words that suggest insignificance, irrelevance, or even worthlessness. By examining these opposing terms, we gain a better understanding of the range of values that exist and the different ways in which items, actions, or individuals can be perceived in terms of their worth.

Exploring antonyms for worth can shed light on the complexities of value judgments and the various perspectives that can influence how something is perceived. By delving into these contrasting terms, we are able to broaden our vocabulary and appreciate the nuances in conveying the absence or opposite of worth in different contexts.

35 Antonyms for WORTH With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for worth. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding WORTH antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Worth Sentence with Antonym
Insignificant This painting is worth a lot of money. This painting is insignificant and has no value.
Useless These old books are worth keeping. These old books are useless and should be thrown away.
Valueless The antique vase is worth a fortune. The antique vase is valueless and not worth anything.
Invaluable His advice was worth more than gold. His advice was invaluable and extremely helpful.
Worthless Your support is worth a million dollars. Your support is worthless and adds no value.
Unworthy Her dedication is worth admiration. Her dedication is unworthy of praise.
Decent This computer is worth the price. This computer is indecent and not worth it.
Adequate His efforts are worth recognition. His efforts are inadequate and not worthy of recognition.
Valuable This jewelry is worth a lot of money. This jewelry is valueless and holds no significant value.
Priceless His friendship is worth more than anything. His friendship is priceless and cannot be compared.
Beneficial Your hard work is worth the effort. Your hard work is detrimental and not beneficial.
Treasured Memories are worth holding on to. Memories are untreasured and not valued.
Essential Good health is worth more than wealth. Good health is inessential and not important.
Substantial This investment is worth the risk. This investment is insubstantial and not worth it.
Valued Her opinion is worth considering. Her opinion is devalued and not important.
Slight The damage was worth repairing. The damage was slight and not significant.
Superior Her talent is worth recognizing. Her talent is inferior and not to be acknowledged.
Necessary Your commitment is worth acknowledging. Your commitment is unnecessary and not required.
Unimportant Your feedback is worth appreciating. Your feedback is unimportant and does not matter.
Meaningful Their conversation was worth reflecting on. Their conversation was meaningless and not worth remembering.
Crucial This information is worth remembering. This information is inconsequential and not important.
Irreplaceable Your friendship is worth cherishing. Your friendship is irreplaceable and cannot be substituted.
Undervalued Her contribution is worth acknowledging. Her contribution is undervalued and not recognized enough.
Overrated The movie was worth watching. The movie was overrated and not as good as people say.
Negligible Time with family is worth more than gold. Time with family is negligible and not important.
Lacking The project is worth investing in. The project is lacking and not worth the investment.
Inferior This product is worth the price. This product is inferior and not worth the money.
Unworthy His apology is worth accepting. His apology is unworthy and not deserving of acceptance.
Inadequate Her progress is worth recognizing. Her progress is inadequate and not deserving of recognition.
Useless The advice was worth following. The advice was useless and not helpful at all.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of WORTH

Understanding the concept of worth and its antonyms can provide a clearer perspective on value assessment. While worth signifies importance or value, its antonyms like insignificance or irrelevance highlight the absence of value or importance. By recognizing these opposites, one can better navigate decisions related to investments, relationships, or self-worth.

It is essential to acknowledge that worth is subjective and can differ from person to person. By understanding the antonyms of worth, such as unworthiness or uselessness, individuals can reflect on their own beliefs and perceptions of value. This awareness can lead to more intentional choices and a deeper appreciation for the things that truly matter in life.

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