Opposite of AWRY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for “awry,” we are referring to words that describe things that are in order or going smoothly, in contrast to something that is off course or not happening as expected. These antonyms provide a range of vocabulary options for expressing the opposite of situations where things have gone wrong or off track.

In the English language, utilizing antonyms for “awry” allows for clear communication by providing direct opposites for various contexts. By incorporating these antonyms into our language, we can effectively convey when things are going as intended, without any deviation or errors in the process.

Antonyms for “awry” offer a helpful contrast that can enhance our expressive capabilities, helping to paint a more nuanced picture of situations by highlighting when things are on track, correct, or aligned properly. By understanding and using antonyms for “awry,” we can articulate the opposite scenarios with precision and clarity in our communication.

35 Antonyms for AWRY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for awry. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AWRY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Awry Sentence with Antonym
Straight The meeting went awry when the projector malfunctioned. The project went smoothly without any obstacles.
Correct The artist’s painting was all awry with crooked lines. The calculations were precise and exactly right.
Right Everything seemed to be going awry at the party last night. Everything went perfectly at the celebratory event.
Accurate The plan went awry due to a miscommunication. The plan was executed precisely with no mistakes.
On track The train schedule went awry due to unforeseen delays. The train schedule was perfectly on time and without any interruptions.
Accustomed His routine was thrown awry after he changed jobs. He quickly adapted and became comfortable with his new routine.
Functioning The machine was behaving awry after the power surge. The machine was working properly with no issues.
Orderly The stack of papers was all awry on the desk. The papers were neatly organized and in order on the desk.
Harmonious The group’s dynamics were thrown awry when the new member joined. The group’s dynamics were in perfect harmony with the new member.
Normal The situation has gone completely awry and needs to be rectified. The situation returned to normality after the necessary adjustments.
Correctly The plan went completely awry due to a misunderstanding. The plan was executed correctly with no deviations.
In order The tasks were all awry and needed to be rearranged. The tasks were all in order and did not require any changes.
Straightened His life was somewhat awry before he found his passion. His life was finally straightened out and on the right path.
Accidentally The settings on the camera went awry causing blurry pictures. The settings on the camera were adjusted perfectly for clear images.
Ready The plans for the event went awry after key participants cancelled. The plans for the event were all set and ready for execution.
Planned The whole operation went awry due to a last-minute change. The whole operation went as planned without any hiccups.
Organized The books on the shelf were all awry after the earthquake. The books on the shelf were neatly organized without any misplacement.
Predictable The outcome went awry despite all the preparations. The outcome was predictable and fell in line with expectations.
Symmetrical The design was all awry with uneven proportions. The design was perfectly symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.
Success The project took a turn for the worst and went awry. The project was a massive success with everything falling into place.
Coherent His thoughts were all awry after the traumatic experience. His thoughts were coherent and focused after the therapy sessions.
Machine-like The production process went awry due to a malfunction. The production process was machine-like in its efficiency and precision.
Harmonized The music sounded all awry with conflicting melodies. The music was harmonized beautifully with soothing melodies.
Functioned The system went awry after the software update. The system functioned flawlessly after the software update.
Uniform The soldiers’ formation was all awry during the training exercise. The soldiers’ formation was uniform and perfectly aligned.
Standard The quality of the product went awry after the change in materials. The quality of the product met the standard requirements.
Typical The day took a turn for the worst as everything went awry. The day went as typical with no unexpected deviations.
Righted The ship was all awry after the storm but was soon righted. The ship was righted and sailed smoothly after the storm passed.
Duration The event went awry because of its unusually long duration. The event went smoothly within a reasonable duration.
Perfect Her plan went all awry despite her desire for everything to be perfect. Her plan turned out perfectly without any issues.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AWRY

In summary, when things don’t go as planned, they may go smoothly instead of awry. A situation that is well-organized and proceeding according to plan can be described as going well, right, or smoothly. In contrast, when things are going smoothly, they are not going poorly, incorrectly, or off course. By understanding the antonyms for awry, we can better communicate the state of affairs and ensure clarity in our descriptions and discussions.

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