Opposite of ACIDIC – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for acidic refer to substances or solutions that are the opposite in nature to acidic compounds. These antonyms are characterized by being less acidic or neutral in pH level. In contrast to acidic substances, antonyms for acidic generally have a higher pH value, which indicates a lower acidity level.

These antonyms for acidic are often described as alkaline, basic, or neutral. Alkaline substances have a pH level greater than 7, whereas basic substances have a pH level exactly at 7, making them neutral. Antonyms for acidic are commonly used to balance acidity levels in solutions or to counteract the corrosive properties of acidic compounds. Understanding the differences between acidic and its antonyms is crucial in various fields such as chemistry, food science, and environmental studies.

35 Antonyms for ACIDIC With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for acidic. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ACIDIC antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Acidic Sentence with Antonym
Alkaline The lemon juice tasted acidic. The baking soda is alkaline.
Neutral Her stomach felt acidic after eating too many oranges. Distilled water is neutral.
Basic The soil in the garden is too acidic for most plants to grow. Adding lime to the soil will make it more basic.
Sweet The wine had a slightly acidic taste. The chocolate was rich and sweet.
Bland The orange juice was too acidic for my liking. The milk tasted bland.
Sugary The tomato sauce was a bit acidic. The cotton candy was overly sugary.
Alkalized His stomach felt acidic after drinking the vinegar. The water was alkalized to balance the pH level.
Honeyed The lemonade was too acidic for some people’s tastes. The tea was perfectly honeyed.
Sugared The orange was slightly acidic. The doughnuts were heavily sugared.
Mild The grapes tasted acidic this season. The cheese had a mild flavor.
Unsour The blackberries were acidic. The apples were unsour.
Neutralized Her stomach felt acidic after the tomato sauce. The antacid medicine neutralized the acidity.
Sugary The yogurt was slightly acidic. The cake was very sugary.
Basified She could not tolerate acidic drinks. The mineral water was basified.
Salty The vinegar had an acidic taste. The pretzels were salty.
Sweetened The lemonade was too acidic. The tea was nicely sweetened.
Bitter The lemon was too acidic to eat raw. The coffee was too bitter.
Sugared The grapefruit was too acidic. The candy was too sugared.
Savory The grapes were acidic, not sweet. The soup was savory.
Basic The rain made the soil acidic. Adding lime will make it more basic.
Sweet The juice was very acidic. The dessert was too sweet.
Creamy The lemonade was too acidic. The ice cream was creamy.
Bittersweet The orange was acidic. The chocolate was bittersweet.
Alkalescent The orange was too acidic. The tea was alkalescent.
Sugary The pineapple was a bit acidic. The lollipops were too sugary.
Smooth The lemonade had an acidic kick to it. The yogurt was smooth.
Basic The lemon was too acidic. Adding baking soda made it more basic.
Sweetened The lemon was too acidic. The tea was lightly sweetened.
Mild The lemonade was too acidic. The cheese was mild.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ACIDIC

In summary, when it comes to the opposite of acidic, we can refer to substances as alkaline, basic, or neutral. These terms represent the varying levels of pH in solutions, with alkaline indicating a higher pH and neutral indicating a pH of 7. Understanding these antonyms for acidic is important in chemistry and everyday life, as they help us distinguish between different types of solutions and their properties. By recognizing and utilizing these antonyms, we can better comprehend the diverse nature of substances and their effects on our environment and health.

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