Opposite of ACRES – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we discuss antonyms for acres, we are focusing on words that stand in direct opposition in terms of land measurement. “Antonyms” refer to words that have opposite meanings, while “acres” is a unit of measure used to quantify land area.

In everyday conversation, the term “antonyms for acres” is used to highlight contrasting concepts related to land size. By exploring these opposing words, we can gain a better understanding of the various units of land measurement and the different scales at which land areas can be described.

Considering antonyms for acres provides insight into the diverse range of land measurement units available and allows for a clearer contrast between various land sizes. By identifying these opposing terms, individuals can better articulate the specific size or scale of land in discussions or descriptions.

35 Antonyms for ACRES With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for acres. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ACRES antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Acres Sentence with Antonym
Tiny She owns acres of land. She only has a small plot of land.
Scant The farmer sold his acres of wheat. The farmer’s wheat harvest was meager.
Few Their estate covers several acres. Their estate only spans a couple of feet.
Minuscule He bought acres of farmland. He sold his farm and now has minuscule land.
Limited They planted acres of crops. They could only plant a limited amount.
Modest The ranch stretches for acres. The garden is only a modest size.
Mere The property covers several acres. The property is just a mere fraction of that size.
Lacking The estate boasts rolling acres. The estate is lacking significant land.
Empty They explored the acres of farmland. The farmland was empty and unproductive.
Barren The vineyard covers vast acres. The land is barren and unproductive.
Wilderness The property is covered in acres of trees. The land is now a wilderness with no trees remaining.
Fraction The estate spans several acres. The property only takes up a fraction of that land.
Scarce They purchased vast acres of land. The land in the area is scarce and expensive.
Sparse They own several acres of woodland. The woodland is sparse with trees.
Patches Their farm covers vast acres. The farm is filled with patches of land.
Dearth The property boasts rolling acres. The property suffers from a dearth of land.
Fractional They acquired vast acres of property. Their property ownership is fractional.
Meager Their estate covers vast acres of land. Their estate is meager in comparison.
Negligible The ranch spans several acres. The ranch’s size is negligible.
Trivial They inherited vast acres of land. The land they inherited is trivial in size.
Restricted The estate covers vast rolling acres. The land is now restricted in use.
Constricted The land stretches for several acres. The plot of land is constricted.
Confined The property is covered in vast acres of gardens. The property is now confined with no gardens.
Sparse They own vast acres of farmland. The farmland is sparse and unproductive.
Handful Their estate boasts vast rolling acres. Their estate is just a handful of land.
Scarcity The ranch spans vast rolling acres. There is a scarcity of land in the area.
Paltry They purchased several acres of land. The land they own is just paltry.
Dwindling The property is filled with vast acres. The land is dwindling in size.
Compact Their estate covers several acres. Their estate is compact and small.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ACRES

In comparison to vast expanses of land, the antonyms for acres signify small, limited areas. While acres evoke images of sprawling fields and endless landscapes, their opposites suggest restricted spaces or confined environments. The contrast between the two sets of words highlights the different scales and sizes that can be used to describe land, emphasizing the diversity and range of measurements that can be applied when discussing area and space.

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