Opposite of AGREE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we communicate our opinions and beliefs, we often encounter situations where we need to express disagreement or show a contrasting view. Antonyms for agree refer to words that convey opposition or dissent in conversations, debates, or discussions. By using antonyms for agree, individuals can express differing perspectives, challenge ideas, and stimulate critical thinking in various interactions.

In verbal discourse, antonyms for agree allow speakers to express disagreement, opposition, or contradiction to a proposed viewpoint. These antonyms provide a way for individuals to challenge opinions, offer alternative perspectives, or engage in healthy debates. By utilizing antonyms for agree, communicators can foster intellectual discourse, encourage diversity of thought, and promote a deeper understanding of complex issues.

Moreover, understanding antonyms for agree is essential in fostering open dialogues and constructive arguments. By incorporating these opposing terms into conversations, individuals can acknowledge diverse viewpoints, respect differing opinions, and engage in productive discussions that lead to enhanced communication and resolution of conflicts. Embracing antonyms for agree enables individuals to navigate disagreements effectively, promote critical thinking, and foster a culture of inclusivity in various social and professional settings.

35 Antonyms for AGREE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for agree. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AGREE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Agree Sentence with Antonym
Disagree We agree on the terms of the contract. We disagree on the terms of the contract.
Confute I fully agree with your proposal. I completely confute your proposal.
Contradict They agreed to meet at 3 PM. They contradicted the plan and arrived late.
Dissent The committee members agreed to the decision. The members dissented and refused to accept the decision.
Argue We agreed on the new project details. Instead of fighting, let’s agree to disagree.
Climb down I completely agree with your opinion. I refuse to climb down and maintain my stance.
Deny He agreed to the terms and conditions. He denied agreeing to any terms and conditions.
Object We agreed on the best course of action. She sharply objected to the proposed plan.
Refuse They eventually agreed on a compromise. They stubbornly refused to reach an agreement.
Conflict The siblings always agree on everything. Yet, today they conflicted on a simple matter.
Oppose I agree with your assessment of the situation. She strongly opposes your assessment of the situation.
Argue We can agree on how to allocate the budget. Let’s not waste time and just argue.
Discord They usually agree on most political issues. However, they show discord on this legislation.
Contest I agree that the plan needs further development. She revealed her intention to contest the plan.
Fight They agreed to postpone the meeting. Despite their efforts to avoid it, they got into a fight.
Bicker They agreed to split the cost evenly. Nevertheless, they kept on bickering about other matters.
Dispute They agreed to support the funding proposal. But the board members continued to dispute about it.
Reject The board members agreed on the need for change. Surprisingly, they rejected the proposed changes.
Prohibit Both parties agreed on the terms of the contract. The minority party tried to prohibit the terms of the contract.
Object We agreed on the location for the conference. She didn’t hesitate to object when disagreement arose.
Protest I agree with your views on the matter. She constantly protests against these views.
Squabble They quickly agreed on a compromise. Yet, they managed to find something to squabble about.
Resist He agreed to the proposed plan. Despite the pressure, she continued to resist the plan.
Contend They completely agree on the new project. This time, they have to contend with conflicting opinions.
Disapprove We fully agree on the new policy. However, the board members disapprove of it.
Debunk She agrees with the proposed changes. She tried to debunk the changes in the meeting.
Object We all agree on the best approach. She was the only one to object to it during the meeting.
Battle The neighbors agreed on the property line. Without a doubt, they were about to battle on this issue.
Refute They agreed with the decision last week. Today, they are here to refute that decision.
Challenge They fully agree on the new business strategy. However, they are ready to challenge it in the upcoming meeting.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AGREE

In any discussion or decision-making process, it is evident that perspectives can differ, leading to a need to acknowledge and respect opposing viewpoints. While some may concur, others may dissent, creating a dynamic exchange of ideas that can foster critical thinking and balanced outcomes. By embracing diversity in opinions and being open to contrasting views, individuals can enrich their understanding and reach more comprehensive solutions that cater to various perspectives.

It is crucial to recognize that disagreement does not always imply discord but rather an opportunity for growth and learning. By engaging with those who hold different beliefs or opinions, individuals can expand their own thinking and develop a deeper appreciation for the complexity of the issues at hand. Embracing disagreement as a natural part of discourse can ultimately lead to more robust and inclusive decision-making processes.

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