Opposite of ALAS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “alas” refer to words or phrases that express excitement, joy, hope, or better circumstances instead of regret or disappointment. These antonyms serve as contrasting expressions that convey positive emotions and outcomes.

In contrast to the melancholy tone of “alas,” antonyms for this word aim to convey a sense of happiness, relief, or optimism. By using these antonyms, speakers can shift the mood of a conversation or written piece towards a more positive and uplifting direction.

Antonyms for “alas” provide a range of alternative expressions to convey feelings of joy, satisfaction, or contentment instead of sorrow or regret. By incorporating these contrasting words into communication, individuals can effectively convey different emotions and perspectives with clarity and precision.

35 Antonyms for ALAS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for alas. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ALAS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Alas Sentence with Antonym
Hooray Alas, I missed the last train. Hooray, I caught the last train.
Yay Alas, the party was canceled. Yay, the party is still on!
Bravo Alas, I failed the test. Bravo, I aced the test.
Cheers Alas, the concert tickets sold out. Cheers, we managed to get tickets.
Hurrah Alas, we lost the championship. Hurrah, we won the championship.
Woohoo Alas, my flight got delayed. Woohoo, my flight is on time.
Yeah Alas, it started to rain. Yeah, the sun is shining bright.
Amen Alas, she broke my favorite mug. Amen, she bought me a new mug.
Hallelujah Alas, the car broke down. Hallelujah, the car is running smoothly.
Alleluia Alas, the restaurant was closed. Alleluia, the restaurant is open.
Hip hip hooray Alas, we ran out of ice cream. Hip hip hooray, we have extra ice cream.
Bravo Alas, she lost her job. Bravo, she got a promotion.
Celebrate Alas, the power went out. Celebrate, the power is back on.
Congrats Alas, he missed the deadline. Congrats, he submitted his work on time.
Fantastic Alas, it’s raining on my parade. Fantastic, the weather is perfect.
Glorious Alas, the cake got burnt. Glorious, the cake turned out perfect.
Happy Alas, our vacation got canceled. Happy, our vacation is still on.
Hoopla Alas, the show got canceled. Hoopla, the show is a huge success.
Hurray Alas, the package got lost. Hurray, the package arrived on time.
Love Alas, the meeting got rescheduled. Love, the meeting is happening today.
Luck Alas, I dropped my phone. Luck, I found my lost wallet.
Marvelous Alas, my favorite band broke up. Marvelous, my favorite band reunited.
Party Alas, the event got canceled. Party, the event is happening as planned.
Praise Alas, the project failed. Praise, the project was a success.
Prayers Alas, she missed her flight. Prayers, she caught the last flight.
Rejoice Alas, the concert got called off. Rejoice, the concert is still happening.
Success Alas, the tree fell on the car. Success, the car survived the storm.
Thankful Alas, they lost all their savings. Thankful, they received unexpected funds.
Victory Alas, the goal was disallowed. Victory, the goal was scored and counted.
Wonderful Alas, they missed the bus. Wonderful, they caught the bus on time.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ALAS

In conclusion, while “alas” expresses regret or sorrow, its antonyms such as “hurrah” convey joy and celebration. Instead of lamenting a missed opportunity, one might cheer at a new beginning. Similarly, where “alas” signals disappointment, “hooray” signals enthusiasm and approval. It is interesting to note how language offers contrasting expressions to convey emotions ranging from sadness to happiness, providing a rich tapestry of words to articulate our feelings in various situations.

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