Opposite of APPROVAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Have you ever come across a list of terms that are opposite in meaning to the word “approval”? These are antonyms for approval. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a given word or concept. In this case, antonyms for approval would be words that convey disapproval or disagreement.

Exploring antonyms for approval can provide a deeper understanding of the range of emotions and reactions associated with different situations. By learning these opposing terms, you can better articulate and express a variety of perspectives, not just those aligned with approval. This can be particularly useful in discussions, debates, or creative writing where expressing differing viewpoints is crucial.

Discovering antonyms for approval can enhance your vocabulary and communication skills by enabling you to express a wider range of emotions and opinions. Understanding these contrasting terms can also promote critical thinking and broaden your ability to see things from various angles. Embracing a diverse range of language and its nuances can enrich your ability to communicate effectively in different contexts.

35 Antonyms for APPROVAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for approval. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding APPROVAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Approval Sentence with Antonym
Disapproval The board approved the project proposal. The committee expressed their disapproval of the plan.
Rejection She agreed with his decision. She faced rejection from the team.
Criticism The boss endorsed the new marketing strategy. The supervisor offered criticism of the advertising campaign.
Denial The committee supported the new policy. The shareholders voiced their denial of the merger.
Dissent The city council authorized the construction. There was dissent among the members about the decision.
Veto The team welcomed the addition of new members. The president exercised his veto over the proposed bill.
Opposition The manager applauded the employee’s hard work. The union showed opposition to the new contract terms.
Repudiation The committee agreed with the updated budget. The members show repudiation of the financial report.
Refusal The teacher praised the student’s efforts. The student met with refusal to join the school club.
Objection The team supported the captain’s decision. There was objection to the coach’s tactics.
Doubt The council accepted the proposal. The public voiced their doubt about the plan.
Disagreement The committee commended the volunteer’s dedication. There was disagreement over the project timeline.
Censure The board ratified the company’s financial plan. The critics issued a censure against the policy decision.
Refutation The employee validated the manager’s suggestion. The data provided refutation of the theory.
Condemnation The committee approved the charity event proposal. There was condemnation of the event due to safety concerns.
Reprisal The supervisor celebrated the team’s success. The demoralized employees faced reprisal for speaking out.
Disapproval The shareholders endorsed the merger. The board expressed their disapproval of the acquisition.
Reproach The team cheered for their winning performance. The manager’s harsh words caused reproach among employees.
Neglect The committee supported the resolution. The project was left in a state of neglect by the administration.
Blame The manager agreed with the employee’s proposal. The supervisor placed blame on the team for the missed deadline.
Opposition The board praised the efforts of the volunteers. The community showed opposition to the construction project.
Dislike The team applauded the player for scoring the goal. The coach showed dislike for the team’s performance.
Exception The committee acclaimed the idea presented. There was an exception raised against the decision.
Contention The supervisor accepted the new work schedule. The members were in contention over the project’s direction.
Reversal The manager commended the team on their achievements. The sudden reversal of policy led to confusion among employees.
Approval The shareholders consented to the proposal. There was a lack of approval for the new policy.
Opposition The board supported the CEO’s strategic vision. The employees showed opposition to the restructuring plan.
Defiance The team applauded the coach after the victory. The player showed defiance against the referee’s decision.
Dislike The committee ratified the management’s decision. The team showed dislike for the new training regimen.
Condemnation The council agreed on the annual budget. There was condemnation of the mayor’s actions by the citizens.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of APPROVAL

It is important to seek authorization before proceeding with any action. Obtaining permission is crucial in order to prevent potential conflicts or repercussions. Disregarding approval can lead to negative outcomes and hinder progress. It is always wise to adhere to established protocols and wait for the green light before making decisions.

On the contrary, bypassing authorization can result in complications and backlash. Adhering to guidelines and acquiring consent ensures smooth operations and fosters positive relationships. Remember, seeking approval is a key component in successful endeavors and should not be underestimated.

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