Opposite of APPROVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing language and communication, antonyms play a crucial role in providing contrasting meanings to words. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to one another, allowing for clear distinctions to be made within the context of a conversation or piece of writing. Understanding antonyms enhances comprehension and aids in effective communication by offering alternatives to express opposing ideas or concepts.

Antonyms are an essential component of vocabulary development, assisting individuals in expanding their linguistic knowledge and critical thinking skills. By learning antonyms for common words, individuals are better equipped to express themselves with precision and nuance. This understanding of antonyms also allows for more sophisticated and varied forms of expression in both spoken and written communication.

In literature, education, and everyday conversations, the use of antonyms can enhance the depth and clarity of communication. By incorporating antonyms into verbal and written expressions, individuals can convey contrasting ideas or sentiments effectively. Embracing the richness and diversity of antonyms can greatly enrich language use and further facilitate meaningful exchanges of information and ideas.

35 Antonyms for APPROVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for approve. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding APPROVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Approve Sentence with Antonym
Disapprove The board decided to approve the new budget proposal. The committee had to disapprove the plan due to lack of funds.
Reject Despite her efforts, the manager would not approve the request. The manager had no choice but to reject the proposal for the project.
Deny The council voted to approve the construction of the new park. The council had to deny the petition to block the construction.
Veto The president used his power to approve the bill for the new law. The president decided to use his authority to veto the bill and stop it from becoming law.
Oppose The team members unanimously approved the new marketing strategy. Some team members oppose the idea of implementing the new strategy.
Object The school principal approved the dress code for the event. Some students started to object to the strict dress code.
Disagree The supervisor seems to approve of the employee’s work. His supervisor appeared to disagree with the employee’s methods.
Dissent The jury was quick to approve the verdict in the trial. One juror chose to dissent and not agree with the verdict.
Refuse The company will likely approve the partnership proposal. If the company refuses the proposal, it could affect their growth.
Decline The manager will likely approve the request for time off. The manager may also decline the request depending on workload.
Repudiate The professor approved the student’s research paper. The professor didn’t hesitate to repudiate the theory in the paper.
Censure The committee decided to approve the report on safety measures. Some members of the committee chose to censure the report for its inaccuracies.
Condemn The council agreed to approve the new housing development. Some residents began to condemn the decision due to environmental concerns.
Disavow The leader chose to approve the action of the team. The leader had to disavow the team’s decision to maintain credibility.
Dislike The team captain will likely approve the lineup for the match. Some players may dislike the captain’s choice and express their discontent.
Invalidate The committee moved to approve the changes proposed in the report. Some committee members attempted to invalidate the changes due to inaccuracies.
Object The community leaders approved the budget allocated for the park. A group of residents began to object to the budget allocation for the park.
Resist The board members decided to approve the CEO’s strategic plan. Some board members chose to resist the CEO’s plan citing potential risks.
Deplore The company approved the merger with the competitor. Some stakeholders began to deplore the decision and its potential outcomes.
Detest The professor approved the student’s thesis proposal. The professor seemed to detest the student’s choice of research topic.
Dislike The team leader approved the new method for project management. Some team members began to dislike the changes and expressed their concerns.
Disapprove The team unanimously approved the budget presented by the finance department. The company’s board had no choice but to disapprove the budget proposal.
Forbid The parent approved of the child’s choice for extracurricular activities. The parent had to forbid the child from participating in certain activities due to safety concerns.
Hinder The manager chose to approve of the employee’s innovative approach. Micromanaging can sometimes hinder a team member’s creative thinking and motivation.
Object The team quickly approved the idea for a new project. A few team members started to object to the proposed implementation plan.
Reject The hiring committee approved the candidate for the position. The committee had to reject the candidate due to insufficient qualifications.
Disagree The board of directors decided to approve the company’s expansion plans. A few board members strongly disagreed with the risky strategy involved.
Condemn The community approved the renovation plan for the old library. Some members of the community began to condemn the allocation of funds for the project.
Resist The CEO fully approved of the new sustainability policy. Some employees started to resist the change due to increased workload.
Detest The teacher approved of the student’s choice for the project topic. The teacher seemed to detest the student’s lack of effort in the project.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of APPROVE

It is evident that there are many different ways to express disapproval or dissent. From “reject” to “disapprove” or “oppose,” the range of antonyms for approve underscores the vast array of opinions and feelings individuals can have towards a particular idea or action. While some may support a proposal, others may object or dissent, highlighting the complexity and diversity of perspectives within society.

By considering the various antonyms for approve, we are reminded of the importance of open dialogue, respect for differing viewpoints, and the need to critically evaluate ideas before forming judgments. Approving or disapproving of something is not always black and white, and by embracing the multitude of opinions represented by these antonyms, we can foster a more inclusive and thoughtful approach to decision-making and discourse.

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