Opposite of BEG – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for beg are words that represent the opposite action or meaning of asking for something with humility or urgency. While begging involves pleading or requesting help, antonyms for beg suggest ways of acquiring things without relying on pity or assistance from others. These antonyms can offer alternatives for expressing one’s needs or desires without resorting to begging.

By understanding antonyms for beg, individuals can explore different ways of obtaining what they need or want through self-reliance, confidence, or assertiveness. Recognizing these antonyms can empower individuals to communicate their needs effectively and seek opportunities without feeling the need to beg for help or resources. Embracing antonyms for beg can promote independence and assertive communication in various contexts, enabling individuals to navigate challenges with dignity and autonomy.

35 Antonyms for BEG With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for beg. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BEG antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Beg Sentence with Antonym
Grant Begging for forgiveness, he pleaded Granting her request, he readily agreed
Refuse He was begging for another chance She didn’t refuse his plea for assistance
Offer The homeless man sat on the sidewalk, He didn’t offer to help him with his
begging for spare change situation
Deny She had to beg for permission to go Without asking, he never denied her the
to the party opportunity
Accept He had to beg for a job They were kind enough to accept him into
their group
Abandon The pleading eyes of the puppy made her She couldn’t bear to abandon the poor
heart feel guilty, so she begged for creature without helping
someone to adopt it
Provide The starving child was begging for The government should provide adequate
food and water resources for those in need
Enable He had to beg for assistance with Their quick response was able to enable
purchasing a new car him to buy the car he needed
Offer The homeless man was begging for His kind gesture was not to offer help,
food and shelter but to provide a warm meal and a room to stay
Help She was begging for someone to fix He didn’t hesitate to help her with her
her broken down car car trouble
Refuse The children were begging for more Their parents didn’t refuse their request
dessert after dinner for a second serving
Accept He had to beg for acceptance into They were kind enough to accept him into
the prestigious university their exclusive club
Support The charity was begging for The community rallied together to support
donations from the community their cause
Provide He was begging for medical It is a basic human right to provide free
attention after the accident healthcare to those in need
Refuse The customer was begging for a The store manager didn’t refuse her
refund on the defective product request for a refund
Dismiss She had to beg her boss to With a smile, he didn’t dismiss her hard
reconsider her promotion work and dedication
Welcome The stray dog was begging for Instead of shooing it away, they welcomed
someone to adopt it the dog into their home
Reject He had to beg for approval on his His project was too good to reject, so
proposal she happily approved it
Permit She was begging for him to The teacher had no choice but to permit
accompany her to the dance them to attend the school trip
Approve He had to beg for his boss’s The committee approved his proposal
approval on the new project without hesitation
Encourage The struggling student was begging She didn’t just listen, but also encouraged
for some words of support her to keep trying
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BEG

Rejecting charity is admirable. Instead of asking for handouts, it shows strength to stand on your own two feet. Declining help may require more effort, but working hard for what you need fosters self-reliance and dignity. Refusing to beg can lead to a sense of accomplishment and independence.

Choosing not to beg can empower individuals to take control of their lives. By rejecting begging, people can maintain their pride and integrity. Seeking alternatives to asking for assistance can lead to a more self-sufficient and resilient mindset.

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