Opposite of BLESSING – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for blessing are words or phrases that represent the opposite of a blessing or a favorable outcome. These antonyms encompass negative situations, actions, or outcomes that are perceived as undesirable or unfavorable.

When considering antonyms for blessing, it is helpful to explore the spectrum of experiences and circumstances that can be viewed as the direct opposite of being blessed. These antonyms may encompass events or conditions that bring hardship, misfortune, or challenges into one’s life.

By understanding the antonyms for blessing, individuals can gain a broader perspective on the various ways in which life’s circumstances can unfold. Exploring these contrasting concepts can prompt reflection on the complexities of human experiences and the diverse range of emotions that can accompany both positive and negative events.

35 Antonyms for BLESSING With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for blessing. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BLESSING antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Blessing Sentence with Antonym
Curse Receiving the blessing of good health, he felt grateful. He felt cursed by his ongoing health issues.
Misfortune Winning the lottery would be a blessing. Experiencing one misfortune after another is a curse.
Damning I consider being accused a blessing in disguise. The damning evidence against him left no doubt.
Ill-fortune Count your blessings, don’t focus on the negatives. No matter what he did, it seemed ill-fortune followed him.
Misery They prayed for the blessing of happiness. Living in constant misery made her question everything.
Affliction Lorena saw her son’s disability as a blessing. His new diagnosis was another affliction to deal with.
Plague His promotion at work was seen as a blessing. The spread of the illness was seen as a plague in the community.
Malediction Seeking the blessing of good fortune, she consulted a fortune-teller. The old woman’s final words were a malediction on the house.
Calamity The storm was a blessing in disguise for the crops. The hurricane brought nothing but calamity to the coastal town.
Hex Some say the lucky charm brought them blessings. The hex placed on the family seemed to bring nothing but bad luck.
Damnation His new job was seen as a blessing from above. He believed he was under a damnation that could not be lifted.
Jinx Passing her exams was a blessing after months of studying. It seemed she was under a jinx as she failed yet again.
Torment Finding a place to stay was a blessing for the night. His memories of the war were a constant torment to him.
Blight The blessing of a bountiful harvest delighted the villagers. The blight on the crops left them with nothing to eat.
Vexation The baby’s smile was a blessing to their hearts. His constant complaints were a source of vexation to all.
Trouble Accepting the scholarship was a blessing for her future. Getting caught in the legal issue was nothing but trouble.
Blasphemy Some considered the new law a blessing for society. Speaking out against it was seen as a blasphemy.
Hexing The blessing of true love brought them together. The possibility of being hexed made them wary of each other.
Omen The birds singing in the morning felt like a blessing. The dark clouds seemed like a ominous omen of what’s to come.
Adversity Her supportive family was a blessing during her illness. Facing adversity alone felt like an insurmountable task.
Ailment The blessing of good health allowed him to enjoy life fully. The persistent ailment left him bedridden most days.
Distress The help of a stranger was a blessing in a time of need. The constant distress she felt made everyday life unbearable.
Plague His new job was a blessing after being unemployed for months. The arrival of the pandemic brought plague upon them.
Misery The blessing of a loving family made their house a home. The misery of loneliness made every day a struggle.
Misfortune Being paired together was a blessing for the project. The string of misfortune seemed never-ending for him.
Affliction Having pets at home was a blessing for the children. His chronic illness was another affliction in his life.
Disturbance The silence in the forest felt like a blessing. The constant noise was nothing but a disturbance to him.
Calamity His quick reflexes proved to be a blessing in disguise. The storm was a calamity they never saw coming.
Burden Sharing the responsibilities felt like a blessing. Carrying the weight of the world was a heavy burden on his shoulders.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BLESSING

Overall, when we consider the antonyms for blessings such as misfortune, curse, adversity, and hardship, it becomes evident that life is a combination of positive and negative experiences. While blessings bring joy, abundance, and favor, challenges like hardship and adversity can also help us grow and learn valuable lessons. It is through facing adversity that we develop resilience, strength, and character, ultimately leading to personal growth and maturity.

By acknowledging and embracing the antonyms of blessings in our lives, we can cultivate a deeper appreciation for the ups and downs that come our way. Both blessings and challenges play a crucial role in shaping our journey, providing us with opportunities for self-reflection, growth, and ultimately, a more balanced outlook on life.

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