Opposite of BROAD – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking to convey a more specific or limited meaning, antonyms for the term “broad” can be used to provide contrast. These antonyms serve as words that convey a sense of narrowness or specificity in comparison to the broad or general scope associated with the term “broad.”

The antonyms for “broad” can refer to something that is limited in extent, range, or scope. By using these antonyms, individuals can pinpoint or focus on particular aspects rather than encompassing a wide range of possibilities or interpretations.

Antonyms for “broad” help to refine language by offering alternatives that emphasize precision and detail over a generalized or all-encompassing approach. These terms provide a nuanced way of expressing ideas by highlighting specific characteristics or limitations.

35 Antonyms for BROAD With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for broad. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BROAD antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Broad Sentence with Antonym
Narrow The broad highway was congested. The narrow path was difficult to traverse.
Limited She had a broad knowledge of history. He had a limited understanding of the subject.
Restricted The broad menu offered options for everyone. The restricted menu had only a few choices.
Constricted His broad smile lit up the room. Her constricted smile showed she was upset.
Compact The broad landscape stretched as far as the eye could see. The compact city skyline was visible from afar.
Fine The broad strokes of the painting conveyed emotion. The fine details of the sculpture were intricate.
Limited The broad spectrum of colors was captivating. The limited range of hues made the painting dull.
Slim The broad criteria allowed for various submissions. The slim chance of winning the competition was disheartening.
Exclusive The broad category included multiple genres. The exclusive club had strict membership requirements.
Specific The broad topic covered a wide range of issues. The specific instructions left no room for confusion.
Singular He had a broad viewpoint that considered multiple perspectives. She had a singular focus on her own goals.
Tightened The broad consensus was reached by all team members. The tightened regulations restricted their options.
Pinched The broad smile on her face showed her joy. The pinched look on his face indicated his displeasure.
Compact The broad lens captured a wide angle of the scene. The compact camera was easy to carry around.
Cramped The broad highway allowed for smooth traffic flow. The cramped alley was hard to navigate.
Compressed The broad canopy provided shade for the picnic. The compressed space could barely fit a few chairs.
Thin The broad understanding of the situation was appreciated. The thin layer of paint on the wall needed another coat.
Limited The broad curriculum covered many topics. The limited period for the test made students anxious.
Particular The broad description left room for interpretation. The particular instructions needed to be followed precisely.
Shallow His broad remarks on the issue lacked depth. Her shallow response showed a lack of understanding.
Tightened The broad audience appeal of the movie ensured its success. The tightened grip on the rope secured their safety.
Local The broad community included people from different regions. The local businesses catered to nearby residents.
Slim Her broad experience in various industries was impressive. The slim chance of finding a solution was discouraging.
Restraint The broad interpretation of the law allowed for flexibility. The restraint in their actions showed maturity.
Precise The broad strokes of the painting were deliberate. The precise details in the drawing required skill.
Tightened The broad outline of the plan left room for adjustments. The tightened schedule did not allow for any delays.
Slight His broad involvement in the project showed dedication. Her slight interest in the topic was evident.
Constricted The broad range of activities catered to all interests. The constricted area limited movement.
Vague His broad understanding of the concept needed clarification. The professor’s vague explanation left students confused.
Limited The broad horizon stretched out before them. The limited resources made the project challenging.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BROAD

In essence, while ‘narrow’ signifies limited or restricted, ‘broad’ indicates wide-ranging or extensive. When faced with a decision, opting for the broad perspective allows for a comprehensive understanding of the matter at hand. Conversely, a narrow approach may overlook crucial details and lead to a limited scope of knowledge. Therefore, embracing a broad mindset enables individuals to explore diverse viewpoints, consider various options, and make more informed choices.

By acknowledging the importance of seeing the big picture and embracing a broad outlook, individuals can navigate complexities with clarity and confidence. Embracing the opposite of ‘narrow,’ being broad-minded, opens up possibilities for growth, understanding, and innovation. Ultimately, a broad perspective fosters inclusivity, adaptability, and a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of ideas and experiences that shape our world.

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