Opposite of CALCULATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for calculate, we are referring to words or phrases that convey the opposite meaning or action of performing mathematical computations. Calculating involves using numbers and formulas to determine a numerical value or result. In contrast, antonyms for calculate suggest activities or concepts that do not involve math or precise measurements.

These antonyms may encompass a range of alternative terms that represent ideas such as estimate, guess, approximate, or speculate. Rather than relying on precise calculations, these antonyms emphasize the use of rough figures or educated guesses to reach a conclusion. By understanding antonyms for calculate, we can appreciate the various ways in which language conveys opposing meanings related to mathematical processes and estimations.

Exploring antonyms for calculate can provide insights into the diverse ways in which language can express opposing ideas and actions. By recognizing these contrasting terms, we can broaden our understanding of mathematical concepts and the varied approaches to problem-solving that exist outside of traditional calculations.

35 Antonyms for CALCULATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for calculate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CALCULATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Calculate Sentence with Antonym
Guess She calculated the total cost of the project. She can only guess how much the project will cost.
Disregard Please calculate the measurements accurately. Feel free to disregard the measurements as they are not important.
Estimate The engineer needs to calculate the strength of the materials. The engineer can only estimate the strength of the materials.
Surmise I need to calculate the distance between the two cities. I can only surmise the distance between the two cities.
Speculate Let me calculate the angle of inclination. I could only speculate the angle of inclination.
Ignore He calculated the scores for the competition. He chose to ignore the scores for the competition.
Approximate Can you calculate the amount of paint needed? Simply approximate the amount of paint required.
Suppose The accountant will calculate the profit margins. We can only suppose the profit margins.
Disbelieve Scientists try to calculate the accuracy of the data. Some people may disbelieve the accuracy of the data.
Dismiss You need to calculate the time needed for the task. You can just dismiss the time needed for the task.
Overlook We must calculate the costs of the renovation. It’s easy to overlook the costs of the renovation.
Approximate Please calculate the total expenses. You can simply approximate the total expenses.
Neglect The student should calculate the correct answer. The student should never neglect to calculate the correct answer.
Postulate Mathematicians often calculate complex equations. Scientists tend to postulate theories before testing them.
Disprove The engineer must calculate the load capacity. Our goal is to disprove the calculations made by the engineer.
Assumed Calculating the dimensions accurately is crucial. Never rely on assumed measurements.
Underestimate Do not calculate the effort required for the task. It’s easy to underestimate the effort when you don’t calculate properly.
Disprove Finance teams often calculate the budget projections. The goal is to disprove the budget projections made.
Misjudge You need to calculate the risk factors involved. It’s easy to misjudge the risks if you don’t calculate them.
Dispute Let’s calculate the value of the investment. Investors are likely to dispute the calculated value.
Reject Engineers constantly calculate the structural integrity. It’s important not to reject the calculations provided by the engineers.
Blinkered It’s necessary to calculate the budget for the project. Considering only part of the expenses could leave you blinkered in your project.
Ridiculous They had to calculate the odds of winning. The odds were so low that it seemed ridiculous to calculate them.
Random Always calculate the exact measurements. Avoid being random in your measurements.
Disputed The scientist is trying to calculate the formula. The validity of the formula was disputed by fellow researchers.
Unthinkable The accountant needs to calculate the total expenditure. It would be unthinkable to ignore the total expenditure.
Overlooked It’s important to calculate the profit margin accurately. The potential loss was often overlooked when calculating the profit margin.
Refutable They must calculate the market demand. Their hypothesis is refutable until they calculate the market demand.
Unconventional The method used to calculate results was accurate. Any unconventional approach to calculation could lead to errors.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CALCULATE

In summary, instead of calculate, we can use terms like guess, estimate, or speculate. While calculation involves precise and accurate math, guessing or estimating allows for a rough idea without exact figures. Whether it’s predicting outcomes, approximating values, or interpreting data informally, these alternatives offer a more flexible approach compared to the rigidity of calculations. By embracing these antonyms for calculate, we can introduce more creativity and adaptability into problem-solving processes, enabling us to explore various scenarios and arrive at plausible solutions without the constraints of exact numerical precision.

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