Opposite of CHILD – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for the word “child,” we are exploring words that represent the opposite or contrast the concept of being a young individual. In the English language, antonyms serve as words that showcase opposite meanings, offering a diverse range of vocabulary to express ideas and concepts.

One antonym for “child” denotes a mature or grown individual who has reached adulthood. This word highlights the developmental stage beyond childhood, emphasizing independence, responsibility, and maturity. Contrasting the innocence and dependency associated with being a child, this antonym symbolizes a fully developed individual with a sense of autonomy and experience.

Another antonym for “child” signifies a senior individual who has advanced in age and has acquired wisdom and life experience. This term represents the latter stage of the human lifespan, indicating a person who has lived a substantial amount of time and has gained knowledge through various life events. By contrasting the youthfulness and vitality of a child, this antonym underscores the wisdom and insight that comes with age.

35 Antonyms for CHILD With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for child. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CHILD antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Child Sentence with Antonym
Adult She is still just a child with a lot to learn. He is now an adult who has much life experience.
Parent As a child, she relied on her parents for support. As a parent, he provided guidance to his children.
Senior The child enjoyed playing with toys. The senior citizen spent time gardening.
Veteran The child was new to the game. The veteran player had years of experience.
Mature The child was displaying immature behavior. The adult was praised for being mature.
Elderly The child was full of energy and zest. The elderly woman moved slowly with a cane.
Grown-up The child was not allowed to stay up late. The grown-up stayed out until midnight.
Man The child looked up to her father. The man tended to his responsibilities.
Woman The child enjoyed playing with dolls. The woman excelled in her career.
Teenager The child was too young to join the party. The teenager was excited for the dance.
Junior The child was in the beginners’ class. The junior employee received a promotion.
Youth The child represented innocence and purity. The youth championed for change and growth.
Neophyte The child was learning the basics of math. The neophyte in the class was struggling with concepts.
Infant The child was just born yesterday. The infant slept peacefully in the cradle.
Minor The child required parental consent for the trip. The perpetrator was charged as a minor.
Toddler The child was learning to walk. The toddler was speaking full sentences.
Junior The child was at the beginner’s level. The junior staff member was given a new project.
Baby The child was climbing up the jungle gym. The baby cooed softly, being held by the mother.
Occupant The child happily played in the living room. The occupant greeted guests in the foyer.
Master The child wanted to become proficient in karate. The expert martial artist was a master.
Employee The child enjoyed arts and crafts at school. The employee completed tasks efficiently at work.
Big The child was amazed by the enormous elephant. The big elephant was an impressive sight.
Sophisticated The child was amused by simple magic tricks. The sophisticated audience appreciated opera.
Old The child was thrilled with new discoveries. The old man reminisced about years gone by.
Developed The child was just beginning to understand. The developed country had advanced technology.
Major The child spent hours playing in the minor league. The athlete excelled in the major league.
Skilled The child was starting to learn the piano. The pianist was a highly skilled musician.
Adult The child needed the approval of the adults. The adults made the decision collectively.
Proficient The child was competent in basic arithmetic. The math professor was highly proficient.
Knowledgeable The child was curious and eager to learn. The knowledgeable teacher shared wisdom with students.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CHILD

Diverse terms like adult, grown-up, or mature can be used to describe the opposite of a child. While a child represents youth, innocence, and dependence, an adult embodies maturity, experience, and independence. Recognizing the contrast between these terms sheds light on the different stages of life and the responsibilities that come with age. A child relies on adults for guidance and protection, while adults are expected to provide nurture, support, and leadership.

The antonyms for child highlight the transition from dependent youth to independent adulthood, emphasizing the progression of individuals through various stages of life. Understanding these contrasting terms helps highlight the unique characteristics and roles associated with being a child versus being an adult in society.

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