Opposite of COMMENCEMENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for commencement refer to words that represent the opposite meaning of starting or beginning. Essentially, these antonyms denote the conclusion or ending of a particular event, process, or period.

Instead of marking the inception of something, antonyms for commencement signal its termination or wrapping up. These opposite terms paint a vivid picture of finality, climax, or closure, serving as the linguistic foil to words associated with the genesis or outset of an endeavor.

By exploring antonyms for commencement, we can gain a deeper understanding of the duality inherent in the concept of beginnings and endings. This examination allows us to appreciate the nuances of language and the subtle shifts in meaning that different words can convey in the continuous cycle of commencement and conclusion.

35 Antonyms for COMMENCEMENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for commencement. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COMMENCEMENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Commencement Sentence with Antonym
Conclusion The commencement of the event was exciting. The conclusion of the event was disappointing.
End The commencement of the journey filled us with anticipation. The journey came to an end sooner than we expected.
Finish The commencement of the project marked a new beginning. It took longer than expected to finish the project.
Termination The commencement of the class brought a sense of excitement. The sudden termination of the class left everyone confused.
Close The commencement of the show was grand and spectacular. The close of the show was unexpectedly abrupt.
Terminate The commencement of construction on the building began last week. The plan to terminate the construction project was unexpected.
Stop The commencement of the race signaled a fresh start for the athletes. Due to the storm, the officials had to stop the race.
Hindrance The commencement of the project brought feelings of excitement. Unexpected obstacles proved to be a major hindrance to the project.
Abolition The commencement of the festival attracted a large audience. The abolition of the festival left many disappointed.
Suspension The commencement of the concert was eagerly awaited by fans. The suspension of the concert disappointed many attendees.
Interruption The commencement of the performance was met with applause. The unexpected interruption led to confusion among the audience.
Postponement The commencement of the event was planned meticulously. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event faced a postponement.
Dissolution The commencement of rehearsals for the play excited the cast. The dissolution of the rehearsals left everyone feeling disheartened.
Halting The commencement of the concert was met with cheers and applause. The unexpected halting of the concert led to disappointment among the audience.
Cessation The commencement of the exhibition drew in a large crowd. The cessation of the exhibition left visitors feeling unsatisfied.
Conclusion The commencement of the negotiations took place yesterday. The conclusion of the negotiations was reached sooner than expected.
Sunset The commencement of the day brought new opportunities. The sunset marked the end of a productive day.
Terminus The commencement of the tour filled everyone with excitement. The sudden terminus of the tour caught everyone off guard.
Cease The commencement of the performance was enthusiastic. The decision to cease the performance disappointed many.
Culminate The commencement of the process marked the beginning of change. The process failed to culminate as anticipated.
Conclusion The commencement of training was thorough and engaging. The conclusion of training left students feeling accomplished.
Demise The commencement of the season brought a fresh start for the team. The unexpected demise of the season was disappointing for fans.
Expiration The commencement of the party set the tone for a joyful evening. The expiration of the party came sooner than anticipated.
Resumption The commencement of the show was met with applause and excitement. The unexpected resumption of the show surprised the audience.
Completion The commencement of the race was filled with anticipation. The completion of the race brought a sense of fulfillment.
Termination The commencement of the trial marked the beginning of the legal process. The sudden termination of the trial caught everyone off guard.
Discontinue The commencement of the festival attracted a large crowd. The decision to discontinue the festival was met with disappointment.
Immobilize The commencement of the dance performance was breathtaking. A sudden injury immobilized the lead dancer, halting the performance.
Outset The commencement of the project brought excitement to the team. The unexpected setbacks at the outset of the project were discouraging.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COMMENCEMENT

In conclusion, the opposite of beginning, or commencement, includes terms such as conclusion, ending, finish, and termination. While one might start a project with enthusiasm, they will eventually reach the final stage where they conclude their work with satisfaction. Just as the sunrise marks the start of a new day, the sunset signifies the end of it. Recognizing the antonyms of commencement provides a better understanding of the cycle of starting and finishing tasks in various aspects of life.

By being mindful of both the start and end points, individuals can navigate through their endeavors with a clear perspective on the entire journey. Embracing the different phases of a project, from inception to completion, is essential for achieving success and fulfillment in one’s pursuits.

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