Opposite of CONCUR – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “concur” refer to words that express disagreement or a lack of agreement with a particular statement or opinion. These antonyms signify a difference in viewpoints or a contradictory stance on a given matter. By understanding antonyms for “concur,” one can effectively communicate dissenting or opposing perspectives in discussions or debates.

While “concur” signifies agreement or accord, its antonyms convey dissent or discord. Recognizing these antonyms allows individuals to express contrasting views, challenge prevailing opinions, or offer alternative perspectives in various contexts. This vocabulary of oppositional terms broadens the range of expression and enhances the clarity of communication by highlighting disagreement or divergence.

In everyday conversations or professional settings, using antonyms for “concur” can enrich dialogue and foster critical thinking. Whether in casual discussions or formal debates, incorporating these antonyms offers a nuanced way to express differences of opinion and engage in constructive disagreement. By familiarizing oneself with these opposing terms, individuals can navigate disagreements skillfully and effectively convey their contrasting viewpoints.

35 Antonyms for CONCUR With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for concur. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONCUR antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Concur Sentence with Antonym
Disagree The board members concur to the proposal. The jury members disagree on the verdict.
Differ I concur with your opinion on the matter. I differ from your perspective on the issue.
Argue I concur with the decision made by the team. I argue against the decision presented.
Dissent They concur with the new policy introduced. They dissent from the new regulations.
Clash The panel members concur regarding the issue. The colleagues clash over the project details.
Oppose She concur with the plan you proposed. She oppose the plan you suggested.
Dispute Participants concur on the suggested approach. Participants dispute the effectiveness of the proposed strategy.
Object We all concur with your viewpoint on this matter. We all object to your standpoint on this issue.
Contradict The team members concur with the proposed timeline. The team members contradict the given timeline.
Refute Experts on the subject concur with the new findings. Experts on the subject refute the latest discoveries.
Disapprove The committee concur on the final selection. The committee disapprove of the final choice.
Contend We concur with the decision made by the committee. We contend that the decision is flawed.
Resist The employees concur with the management’s decision. The employees resist the management’s decision.
Disagree The members of the community concur with the proposal. The members of the community disagree with the proposal.
Object The team concur on the project timeline. The team object to the project timeline.
Refute Researchers concur with the study results. Researchers refute the study results.
Deny Authorities concur with the reports. Authorities deny the reports.
Oppose The council concur with the proposal. The council oppose the proposal.
Counter The committee concur with the final decision. The committee counter the final decision.
Reject The participants concur with the workshop format. The participants reject the workshop format.
Challenge The teacher concur with the new teaching method. The students challenge the new teaching method.
Defy The citizens concur with the laws in place. The citizens defy the laws in place.
Disagree The team members concur with the project plan. The team members disagree with the project plan.
Object The committee concur with the budget allocation. The committee object to the budget allocation.
Dispute They all concur with the experiment results. They all dispute the experiment results.
Withhold The board concur with the executive’s decision. The board withhold support from the executive’s decision.
Contest The members concur with the new club rules. The members contest the new club rules.
Object The employees concur with the policy change. The employees object to the policy change.
Clash The colleagues concur on the project timeline. The colleagues clash over the project timeline.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONCUR

In summary, while some may agree, others might oppose certain ideas or perspectives. This diversity in opinions creates a dynamic environment for thought-provoking discussions and critical thinking. Dissent can lead to more well-rounded and informed decisions by challenging commonly held beliefs and encouraging a deeper exploration of different viewpoints.

By considering a range of perspectives and embracing dissent, individuals and groups can foster creativity, innovation, and progress. It is crucial to acknowledge and respect opposing opinions as they can offer valuable insights and contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of complex issues. Embracing differences in thoughts and opinions ultimately enriches conversations, decision-making processes, and societal development.

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