Opposite of CONDONE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When considering the concept of antonyms for condone, it is essential to delve into the opposing notions that contrast with the act of accepting or allowing behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive. Antonyms serve as words that hold contradictory meanings and stand in direct opposition to another term or idea. In the case of condone, identifying its antonyms provides insight into the range of perspectives and attitudes that exist in relation to ethical standards and social behavior.

Exploring antonyms for condone involves examining words that convey disapproval, rejection, or condemnation towards certain actions or beliefs. These antonyms serve to highlight the varying degrees of acceptance or rejection within societal norms, shedding light on the complex interplay between individual values and communal standards. By understanding the antonyms for condone, one can gain a deeper appreciation for the multifaceted nature of moral judgments and the diversity of perspectives that shape our collective understanding of right and wrong.

In essence, antonyms for condone offer a valuable perspective on contrasting attitudes towards moral dilemmas and ethical decision-making. By elucidating the opposing viewpoints that diverge from the act of condoning, these antonyms provide a nuanced understanding of the complexities inherent in navigating issues of right and wrong. Through the exploration of antonyms for condone, one can better grasp the divergent stances and values that underpin our interactions with others and our judgments of morally contentious actions.

35 Antonyms for CONDONE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for condone. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONDONE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Condone Sentence with Antonym
Condemn She condoned his reckless behavior. She condemned his reckless behavior.
Disapprove I cannot condone such unethical actions. I strongly disapprove of such unethical actions.
Censure The committee will not condone any form of cheating. The committee will censure any form of cheating.
Denounce The school does not condone bullying. The school denounces bullying.
Reject The company will not condone dishonesty. The company will reject dishonesty.
Punish Parents should not condone bad behavior. Parents should punish bad behavior.
Prohibit The law does not condone driving under the influence. The law prohibits driving under the influence.
Forbid It’s important to not condone plagiarism. It’s important to forbid plagiarism.
Oppose The senator does not condone corruption. The senator opposes corruption.
Disavow The organization does not condone violence. The organization disavows violence.
Punish He cannot just condone his child’s disrespectful behavior. He must punish his child’s disrespectful behavior.
Blame By remaining quiet, you are essentially condoning the behavior. By speaking up, you are refusing to blame the behavior.
Disapprove The coach does not condone cheating in any form. The coach strongly disapproves of cheating in any form.
Ban The school does not condone the use of inappropriate language. The school bans the use of inappropriate language.
Argue I cannot condone violent protests. I will always argue against violent protests.
Prohibit The guidelines do not condone arriving late to meetings. The guidelines prohibit arriving late to meetings.
Oppose I do not condone the use of harmful chemicals in our products. I vehemently oppose the use of harmful chemicals in our products.
Reject The university does not condone discrimination of any kind. The university rejects discrimination of any kind.
Criticize We cannot condone the mistreatment of animals. We must criticize the mistreatment of animals.
Ban The school does not condone skipping classes. The school has banned skipping classes.
Disapprove I cannot condone unethical business practices. I openly disapprove of unethical business practices.
Deter The company does not condone lazy or unproductive behavior. The company aims to deter lazy or unproductive behavior.
Rebuke The teacher cannot condone plagiarism. The teacher must rebuke plagiarism.
Oppose The community leaders do not condone illegal activities. The community leaders oppose illegal activities.
Deny We cannot condone any form of discrimination. We must deny any form of discrimination.
Ban The school does not condone bullying. The school has banned bullying.
Forbid The policy does not condone discrimination. The policy explicitly forbids discrimination.
Condemn She does not condone violence in any situation. She is quick to condemn any acts of violence.
Oppose The governor does not condone corruption. The governor actively opposes corruption.
Ostracize The community does not condone exclusion based on race or ethnicity. The community will not ostracize anyone based on race or ethnicity.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONDONE

Condoning unacceptable behavior sets a dangerous precedent, weakening standards and encouraging misconduct. By denouncing, opposing, or penalizing such actions, we uphold integrity and reinforce the importance of ethical conduct in society. Failing to condemn inappropriate behavior can lead to a normalization of wrongdoings, ultimately eroding the moral fabric of our communities.

It is crucial to speak up against wrongdoing, challenge misconduct, and promote accountability to foster a culture of respect and integrity. Choosing to overlook, excuse, or accept inappropriate behavior only perpetuates a cycle of tolerance towards unethical actions. Let us actively reject, discourage, and deter behaviors that go against our values to support a healthier and more principled society.

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