Opposite of CORPOREAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for corporeal refer to concepts or entities that exist in a non-physical or spiritual form. These antonyms provide a contrast to things that are tangible, material, or physical in nature. By exploring the antonyms for corporeal, we can better understand the realm of existence that transcends the physical world.

Immaterial, intangible, and incorporeal are some of the antonyms for corporeal that encapsulate the idea of non-physical existence. These terms highlight the aspects of being that are beyond the realm of the material world, such as thoughts, emotions, and spiritual entities. Understanding these antonyms can broaden our perspective on existence and acknowledge the diversity of forms in which beings can manifest.

Examining the antonyms for corporeal allows us to delve into philosophical and metaphysical discussions about the nature of reality and the essence of life. By contemplating these contrasting concepts, we can gain insights into the complexities of existence and the interconnectedness of all forms of being, whether physical or non-physical.

35 Antonyms for CORPOREAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for corporeal. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CORPOREAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Corporeal Sentence with Antonym
Spiritual The corporeal form of the ghostly figure was visible in the dimly lit room. The spiritual essence of the ghostly figure was felt in the serene atmosphere.
Intangible The feeling of love had a corporeal presence in the form of a warm hug. Love is an intangible emotion that cannot be physically hugged.
Ethereal The dancer moved with a corporeal grace that mesmerized the audience. Her movements were so light and ethereal, as if she was floating on air.
Invisible The man’s corporeal body was not visible, hidden behind the dense fog. His presence felt invisible, as if he was just a fleeting shadow in the mist.
Immaterial The teacher emphasized the importance of corporeal evidence in the case. The case was based on immaterial evidence that couldn’t be physically proven.
Nonphysical The corporeal world consists of tangible objects that can be touched. The nonphysical world delves into the realm of thoughts and ideas beyond touch.
Incorporeal Some believe that corporeal beings can coexist with incorporeal spirits. The incorporeal spirits moved about freely, undetected by the corporeal beings.
Supernatural The corporeal realm is governed by physical laws that define our reality. The supernatural world defies physical laws and transcends beyond our reality.
Abstract The artist chose to paint corporeal objects like flowers and trees in her art. Her art was inspired by more abstract concepts and emotions rather than objects.
Intuitive The detective’s keen eye for detail helped him solve cases using corporeal clues. His intuitive instincts often guided him towards answers beyond the physical realm.
Insubstantial The corporeal weight of the heavy rock was a challenge to lift. The insubstantial nature of the fog made it easy to pass through without resistance.
Invisible The artist captured the corporeal beauty of the landscape in exquisite detail. She was drawn to the invisible beauty of hidden patterns and intricacies in her art.
Insubstantial The corporeal structure of the building stood tall against the winds. The insubstantial mist seemed to pass through the building as if it were not there.
Illusory The corporeal connection between the two lovers transcended time and distance. Their love was seen as illusory by others, a mere fantasy not grounded in reality.
Virtual The scientist created a corporeal model to demonstrate the concept. A virtual model was used to illustrate the workings of the system in cyberspace.
Tangible The corporeal evidence presented in court directly linked the suspect to the crime. The suspect’s alibi was based on tangible evidence that placed him elsewhere.
Perceptible The corporeal form of the music could be heard echoing through the halls. The quiet sounds of their feet were barely perceptible as they tip-toed away.
Finite The corporeal body has a finite lifespan, subject to the laws of nature. The infinite soul exists beyond the limitations of the corporeal form.
Immortal The artist sought to capture the beauty of the corporeal world in his paintings. Gods and deities were believed to exist in an immortal plane, beyond physical form.
Observable The scientist conducted experiments to study the behavior of corporeal matter. The minute particles were too small to be observable even with the strongest microscope.
Impermanent The corporeal nature of flowers makes them susceptible to wilting over time. Unlike the fleeting beauty of flowers, his love for her was impermanent and unchanging.
Material The corporeal world is made up of material objects that can be touched. The philosopher argued that the immaterial realm held more significance than the world of material possessions.
Solid The cold corporeal touch of the metal railing sent shivers down her spine. The liquid form of the ice melted away under the warmth of the afternoon sun.
Physical The corporeal manifestation of pain was evident in the way he winced. The mental anguish that tormented him every day was not visible to the naked eye.
Metaphysical The corporeal world can be understood through scientific study and observation. The metaphysical realm delves into questions about existence and the nature of reality.
Visible The corporeal outline of the figure stood stark against the bright moonlight. The invisible presence of the spirit was felt more than it was ever visible.
Actual The corporeal presence of the teacher in the classroom helped maintain order. Beyond the actual classroom walls, the students engaged in a world of possibilities.
Present The corporeal sight of her smiling face brightened the entire room. Though not physically there, her absence was a weight that everyone keenly felt.
Present The corporeal form of the father’s spirit lingered around the family home. His absence was a palpable void that the family struggled to fill in his wake.
Temporary The beauty of the corporeal world is often viewed as fleeting and temporary. She sought a love that was eternal and everlasting, not bound by temporary physical forms.
Finite The corporeal nature of the body makes it subject to disease and aging. The infinite nature of the soul transcends the finite constraints of the physical form.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CORPOREAL

In the realm of spirituality and metaphysics, the concept of being detached from the physical world is often associated with terms like incorporeal, insubstantial, immaterial, and intangible. These words indicate a state of existence that transcends the limitations of the material body and connects to the essence of consciousness and energy.

Conversely, the antonyms for corporeal highlight the tangible and physical aspects of our existence, such as tangible, physical, material, and earthly. These descriptors emphasize the solid and concrete nature of the physical world we inhabit, contrasting with the ethereal and immaterial qualities often attributed to the incorporeal realm.

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