Opposite of DEEPLY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we seek to express emotions that are not as intense or profound, we often look for antonyms for the word “deeply.” Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. By exploring antonyms for “deeply,” we can find various ways to describe feelings and experiences that are less intense or profound.

One common antonym for “deeply” is “lightly,” which can suggest a superficial or minimal emotional impact. Another antonym is “superficially,” indicating a lack of depth or seriousness in one’s feelings or actions. By using antonyms for “deeply,” we can convey a range of emotions and experiences that may not be as intense or profound as those described by the word “deeply.”

In writing and communication, it is essential to have a diverse vocabulary to accurately express a wide range of emotions and experiences. By incorporating antonyms for “deeply” into our language, we can add nuance and depth to our descriptions of feelings and experiences that are not as intense or profound.

35 Antonyms for DEEPLY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for deeply. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEEPLY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Deeply Sentence with Antonym
Superficial She deeply regretted missing the important meeting. He only had a superficial interest in the topic.
Shallow They are deeply in love with each other. Their relationship seems shallow and insincere.
Lightly The news struck him deeply. He took the criticism lightly and shrugged it off.
Slightly She was deeply affected by the loss of her pet. The news only hit him slightly.
Surfacely He deeply believes in the cause he is fighting for. They are just doing it surfacely without any real commitment.
Partly She was deeply focused on her studies. He was only partly interested in the lecture.
Merely She deeply cares for her family. He is merely acquainted with his neighbors.
Incompletely The artist was deeply engrossed in his work. She felt incompletely involved in the project.
Indifferently He deeply apologized for his mistake. She responded indifferently to his sincere apology.
Unenthusiastically They were deeply moved by the performance. He watched the movie unenthusiastically.
Half-heartedly They deeply respected their mentor. He only followed the instructions half-heartedly.
Superficially She deeply understood the meaning of the poem. He read it superficially and missed the deeper message.
Lightly The loss affected her deeply. He took the news lightly and continued with his day.
Casually They were deeply committed to their cause. He approached the project casually.
Frivolously She deeply reflected on her past mistakes. He frivolously dismissed the idea of self-improvement.
Nonchalantly He deeply cherished their friendship. She treated their bond nonchalantly.
Insincerely They deeply valued honesty in their relationship. He spoke insincerely about his feelings.
Feignedly She deeply understood the struggles of others. He feignedly sympathized with the difficulties faced.
Halfheartedly He deeply appreciated their help. She only replied halfheartedly to their kind gestures.
Unfeelingly She deeply connected with the characters in the book. He read the story unfeelingly with no emotional connection.
Lightheartedly The issue affected her deeply. He approached the situation lightheartedly.
Indifferent They were deeply committed to their cause. He seemed indifferent to the purpose of the project.
Carelessly She deeply examined the evidence. He handled the delicate items carelessly.
Thoughtlessly They deeply contemplated the future of their relationship. He acted thoughtlessly without considering the consequences.
Half-heartedly She deeply cared for her patients. He treated his responsibilities half-heartedly.
Unemotionally The story moved her deeply. He listened to the tale unemotionally.
Halfway They were deeply invested in the success of the project. He only participated halfway through the process.
Doubtfully She deeply believed in the importance of honesty. He doubtfully accepted her explanation.
Uncommittedly He was deeply devoted to his work. She approached her duties uncommittedly.
Unsurely She deeply understood the grief of losing a loved one. He unsurely comforted his friend.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEEPLY

In summary, while profound emotions can lead to intense feelings and strong connections, keeping things superficial can help maintain a lighter and more casual atmosphere. By skimming the surface instead of delving deeply, relationships can remain uncomplicated and straightforward. It is important to find a balance between profound and superficial interactions in order to navigate social dynamics effectively and create meaningful connections with others while also enjoying lightheartedness and simplicity in our interactions.

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