Opposite of DEPOSITION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for deposition are words that represent the opposite action of depositing or placing something in a specific location. These antonyms are crucial in providing a clear understanding of language by highlighting contrasts to the process of deposition.

Opposite to the act of deposition, antonyms for deposition involve actions that typically involve removing, withdrawing, or taking away something from a specific place or location. These antonyms help in creating a comprehensive picture of vocabulary, by emphasizing actions that are contrary to depositing.

By exploring the antonyms for deposition, one gains a deeper insight into the diverse array of actions that can be expressed through language. Understanding these antonyms sheds light on the rich nuances of language and the various possibilities it offers for conveying different meanings and actions.

35 Antonyms for DEPOSITION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for deposition. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEPOSITION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Deposition Sentence with Antonym
Retention The lawyer recorded her deposition. The lawyer fought for her retention at the firm.
Elevation The mountain’s deposition was caused by the glacier. The mountain’s elevation made it easy to see from afar.
Recruitment The company conducted a deposition process for new hires. The company started a recruitment drive for new employees.
Uplifting The deposition of sediment built up over time. The uplifting of rocks exposed the layers beneath.
Accrual The deposition of ice was evident on the window pane. The accrual of heat melted the ice away.
Ingestion The geologist studied the deposition of minerals. The body’s ingestion of nutrients was carefully monitored.
Emanation The deposition of smoke from the chimney was visible. The fresh air was a result of the emanation of fragrance.
Assumption The witness gave a recorded deposition in court. The assumption of innocence was evident in her testimony.
Patchiness The artist’s deposition of paint created a masterpiece. The patchiness of the canvas led to an abstract creation.
Omission The deposition of evidence was crucial for the case. The lawyer’s omission of facts weakened his argument.
Erosion The deposition of sand on the shore was constant. The erosion of the coastline was a serious concern.
Addition The deposition of clay layers formed distinct patterns. The addition of new soil enriched the fertility of the land.
Displacement The scientist analyzed the deposition of sediment. The hurricane’s strong winds caused the displacement of debris.
Absorption The deposition of moisture added to the humidity. The plant’s absorption of water kept it healthy.
Growth The stalactites formed by the slow deposition of minerals. The rapid growth of the plant was a marvel to witness.
Upheaval The deposition of volcanic ash was evident in the area. The seismic activity led to the upheaval of the landscape.
Insertion The deposition of documents was completed for the record. The insertion of the missing page completed the file.
Subsidence The slow deposition of sediment created new land. The ground’s subsidence caused concern for the building’s stability.
Ascension The layers resulted from the deposition of rock over time. The ascension of the cliffs provided a breathtaking view.
Extraction The miners worked on the deposition of valuable ores. The extraction of precious metals was a profitable business.
Creation The deposition of fresh snow made the landscape white. The sculptor’s creation was a masterpiece of art.
Evacuation The gradual deposition of sand shifted the shoreline. The sudden evacuation of the area alarmed the residents.
Absence The deposition of pollen in the air was a sign of spring. The sudden absence of bees was concerning to the beekeeper.
Emptying The deposition of trash at the landfill continued. The emptying of the bins cleared the clutter from the streets.
Settling The deposition of silt along the riverbank was ongoing. The settling of sediment at the bottom of the pond was visible.
Egress The deposition of dust on the furniture needed cleaning. The egress of clean air made the room feel fresh.
Division The deposition of layers of rock was a slow process. The division of assets was handled in a fair manner.
Advancement The deposition of leaves on the ground signaled autumn. The advancement of technology led to new discoveries.
Establishment The deposition of sand dunes changed the landscape. The establishment of a community center improved the area.
Dissipation The deposition of fog made it hard to see in the distance. The dissipation of the cloud cover revealed a clear sky.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEPOSITION

In contrast to gathering information, deposition involves refraining from collecting data. While a witness may disclose details during an interview, they may opt to withhold information during a deposition. Informal conversations may encourage openness, but the formal nature of a deposition can lead to reluctance in sharing sensitive information. Depositions diverge from interactions that foster transparency and instead emphasize caution and selectivity in speech.

Unlike divulging facts and figures, deposition entails concealing certain details. Openness in discussions contrasts sharply with guarded responses given in a legal deposition. Sharing freely can foster trust, but the legal setting of a deposition often cultivates a sense of reservation. In the realm of legal proceedings, the antonyms for deposition highlight the significance of discretion and careful consideration in providing information.

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