Opposite of DEPRESSED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for depressed refer to words or phrases that denote the opposite emotional state of feeling down, sad, or low-spirited. These antonyms can help to convey feelings of happiness, joy, contentment, and positivity.

When looking for antonyms for depressed, one seeks words that express elevated moods, optimistic outlooks, and a general sense of well-being. By utilizing antonyms for depressed, individuals can better communicate feelings of joy, excitement, enthusiasm, and hopefulness.

Words that serve as antonyms for depressed can help to boost morale, uplift spirits, and foster a sense of positivity. They offer a way to articulate emotions that signify a bright and cheerful disposition, creating a more vibrant and uplifting tone in communication.

35 Antonyms for DEPRESSED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for depressed. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEPRESSED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Depressed Sentence with Antonym
Happy She felt depressed after the breakup. She was happy to receive a promotion at work.
Ecstatic He appeared depressed after the loss. She was ecstatic when she found out she was accepted to her dream university.
Joyful Feeling depressed at the news, she stayed in bed all day. The children were joyful as they played in the park on a sunny afternoon.
Content Their friend was depressed about failing the exam. The student was content with the grade he received on his project.
Optimistic She sounded depressed on the phone when she talked about her struggles. Despite the setbacks, he remained optimistic about his future.
Cheerful He looked depressed as he sat alone in the corner of the room. She entered the room, cheerful and full of energy, ready to socialize with everyone.
Elated The news left her feeling depressed and drained of energy. After receiving the good news, she was elated and couldn’t stop smiling.
Radiant She seemed depressed as she walked with her head down. The bride was radiant as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.
Upbeat He was visibly depressed as he spoke about his recent failures. Despite the setbacks, she remained upbeat and focused on the future.
Enthusiastic She was feeling down and depressed after the rejection. His face lit up with enthusiasm when he was chosen as the team captain.
Sanguine Her voice was filled with sadness and depression after the call. He remained sanguine, knowing that things would work out eventually.
Jubilant The news had her feeling depressed and defeated. When she heard the good news, she was jubilant and couldn’t contain her excitement.
Energetic He seemed depressed and devoid of energy after the long day. She felt energetic and ready to take on any challenge that came her way.
Elated She looked depressed after receiving the bad news. He was absolutely elated when he won the championship game.
Serene Her face was filled with depression as she sat alone in the park. The lake was peaceful, its waters reflecting the serene beauty of the sunset.
Exultant The rejection letter left her feeling depressed and deflated. He was exultant when he received the scholarship to study abroad.
Lively He appeared depressed and uninterested in the party. The room was filled with lively music and vibrant decorations for the celebration.
Optimistic Despite her depressed mood, she tried to remain positive. She was optimistic about the future and believed that things would get better.
Buoyant His mood was depressed after the argument with his friend. The children’s laughter was infectious, making the atmosphere buoyant and cheerful.
Vivacious She felt depressed and lonely after the breakup. Her vivacious personality lit up the room as soon as she entered.
Radiant She looked depressed and despondent after the loss. She was glowing and radiant as she accepted the award on stage.
Gleeful He felt depressed and downcast on his birthday. The children were gleeful and full of laughter as they played in the park.
Exuberant The news left her feeling depressed and hopeless. She was exuberant as she danced around the room, celebrating her achievement.
Rejuvenated The constant pressure at work made her feel depressed and drained. After a weekend of relaxation, she felt rejuvenated and ready to face the new week ahead.
Enlivened She seemed depressed and lacking in energy during the presentation. The music festival was enlivened by the energetic performances of the bands.
Jovial He was feeling depressed and somber after the news. The party was full of jovial laughter and lively conversations.
Inspired She looked depressed and uninspired as she stared at the blank canvas. The motivational speech left her feeling inspired and ready to pursue her dreams.
Carefree Her face showed signs of depression as she dealt with the stress. The children played carefree in the park, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
Enthused Even though she felt depressed, she tried to remain positive. He was enthused about the new project and couldn’t wait to get started.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEPRESSED

In conclusion, feeling uplifted is the opposite of feeling dejected. When we are joyful, our spirits are high instead of low. Remaining optimistic helps combat feelings of despair. Being hopeful promotes resilience against despondency. Having a positive outlook can counteract negativity and desolation. Overall, focusing on the bright side of situations can lift our morale and keep us from sinking into gloom and despondency.

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