Opposite of DEROGATORY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for derogatory are words that convey respect, approval, or praise instead of belittling or showing disdain. When seeking to counteract negative or hurtful language, turning to antonyms for derogatory terms can help foster more positive and constructive communication. It is essential to choose words that elevate and honor others, promoting understanding and harmony in interactions.

By utilizing antonyms for derogatory terms, we can communicate with respect and dignity, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic environment. Instead of resorting to hurtful language, opting for words that convey admiration or encouragement can strengthen relationships and build a sense of mutual respect. Embracing antonyms for derogatory terms encourages kindness and consideration in our interactions, paving the way for more meaningful connections.

In a world where words hold immense power, choosing antonyms for derogatory terms can promote a culture of respect and understanding. By consciously selecting language that uplifts and appreciates others, we contribute to a more positive and harmonious society. Embracing the use of antonyms for derogatory terms is a powerful way to cultivate empathy, promote kindness, and foster healthy communication.

35 Antonyms for DEROGATORY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for derogatory. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEROGATORY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Derogatory Sentence with Antonym
Respectful His derogatory comments offended many people. Her respectful words influenced everyone.
Admiring The review was filled with derogatory remarks. It was an admiring review of the performance.
Complimentary He always had something derogatory to say. She never failed to give a complimentary comment.
Praise The article was a derogatory attack on her work. She received much praise for her achievements.
Positive His tone towards her was derogatory and hurtful. She always spoke in a positive manner.
Kind His derogatory behavior towards the waiter was appalling. She always treated everyone with kindness.
Appreciative He made derogatory remarks about their culture. She was very appreciative of their customs.
Constructive Rather than giving derogatory feedback, offer something constructive instead. Her suggestions were helpful and constructive.
Friendly The derogatory tone in his voice was unmistakable. She greeted everyone with a warm and friendly smile.
Encouraging Her derogatory remarks were demoralizing. His words were motivating and encouraging.
Complaisant His derogatory tone made the situation tense. Her complaisant attitude helped calm everyone down.
Discreet Their derogatory comments were inappropriate. She handled the situation with discreet tact.
Supportive She was taken aback by his derogatory remarks. He was always there, being supportive of her.
Gracious His derogatory jokes were distasteful. She always responded with a gracious smile.
Polite He could not resist making derogatory comments during the meeting. She remained polite and professional throughout.
Flattering His derogatory attitude towards the staff was unacceptable. She always found something flattering to say.
Laudatory The criticism was derogatory and hurtful. Her feedback was laudatory and uplifting.
Supporter His derogatory remarks had a negative impact. Her being a strong supporter helped turn things around.
Appreciation His constant derogatory criticism was demoralizing. She showed her appreciation for everyone’s efforts.
Honoring The derogatory remarks were hurtful and unnecessary. She believed in honoring everyone’s contributions.
Respect His derogatory tone was disrespectful. She always showed respect in her interactions.
Serene His derogatory comments disrupted the peaceful atmosphere. Her presence always brought a serene energy.
Approving The way he spoke was derogatory and judgmental. She was always approving and understanding.
Politeness His derogatory behavior was not appreciated. She could not tolerate his lack of politeness.
Courteous Despite his derogatory remarks, she remained pleasant. She responded in a courteous and calm manner.
Commendation His derogatory feedback was not helpful. She always provided commendation for good work.
Dignified His derogatory comments tarnished his reputation. She carried herself in a dignified manner.
Civility The derogatory language was offensive. She always believed in maintaining civility.
Encouraging His derogatory words were disheartening. She offered encouraging words to lift their spirits.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEROGATORY

Kind, respectful, and complimentary language fosters positivity and understanding in conversations. Conversely, using offensive, critical, or disparaging remarks can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Upholding respect and dignity in our interactions is essential for healthy relationships and effective communication. It is crucial to choose our words carefully and refrain from making derogatory comments that may harm or belittle others.

By using words that are polite, considerate, and uplifting, we create a more inclusive and harmonious environment. Constructive and affirming language promotes empathy, cooperation, and mutual respect. Let us strive to speak thoughtfully and respectfully, recognizing the power of our words to either build up or tear down those around us.

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