Opposite of DISAPPEAR – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for disappear are words that represent the opposite action of vanishing or ceasing to exist. When we talk about antonyms for disappear, we are referring to terms that describe the act of appearing, emerging, or becoming visible. These words convey the concept of reappearing or being present in a visible form.

By identifying antonyms for disappear, we gain a better understanding of language and communication. These terms provide a contrast to the idea of disappearing and help to expand our vocabulary. Recognizing antonyms for disappear allows us to express ideas more precisely and with greater nuance in our writing and speech.

Overall, antonyms for disappear play an important role in language by offering alternative expressions to convey the opposite meaning of vanishing. By exploring and incorporating these antonyms into our communication, we can enhance clarity and effectively convey the intended message.

35 Antonyms for DISAPPEAR With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for disappear. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DISAPPEAR antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Disappear Sentence with Antonym
Appear The magician made the rabbit disappear The rabbit appeared out of thin air
Materialize The ghost seemed to disappear Suddenly, the ghost began to materialize before us
Reappear The sun will disappear behind the clouds After a few moments, the sun will reappear in the sky
Emerge The stars disappear as the sun rises As the night fades away, the stars begin to emerge
Manifest The illusion will disappear quickly The truth will eventually manifest itself
Arrive The fog slowly disappeared As the sun rose, the fog began to arrive again
Emerge The fish disappeared into the depths From the darkness, a glowing fish began to emerge
Establish The evidence would disappear over time With further investigation, the truth will establish itself
Show up The keys have disappeared from sight Don’t worry, they will show up eventually
Materialize The dream seemed to disappear As he focused, the dream began to materialize again
Surface The memories can disappear from the mind Over time, those memories will surface once more
Arise The chaos disappeared eventually Out of the pandemonium, order began to arise
Emerge Darkness can cause objects to disappear When the light returns, things will start to emerge
Resurface The issue will disappear for a while Sooner or later, the issue will resurface
Present Fear made her disappear from the meeting Confidence will make her present at the next one
Emerge The truth seemed to disappear As the investigation progressed, the truth began to emerge
Vanish Time made the footprints disappear Eventually, new footprints will vanish on the path
Show The sun shall disappear behind the mountains Behold, the sun will show above the peaks again
Reappear The city lights seem to disappear After the power outage, the lights will reappear
Populate People may disappear from the village Through word of mouth, the village will populate again
Reemerge The memories will disappear temporarily When triggered, the memories will reemerge in full force
Initiate The problem is likely to disappear soon If we don’t act now, the problem will initiate
Emerge The fragrance will disappear in time Once the rain stops, the scent will emerge once more
Regain Confidence can sometimes disappear Through effort, you will eventually regain confidence
Materialize Illusions tend to disappear quickly To our amazement, reality began to materialize
Resurface The issue has disappeared for now However, it will likely resurface in the future
Appear The city skyline seemed to disappear As we approached, the skyline began to appear
Emerge His courage seemed to disappear In the face of adversity, his courage began to emerge
Emerge The stars would disappear at dawn As night approached, the stars began to emerge again
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DISAPPEAR

In conclusion, the concept of something retaining visibility rather than disappearing emphasizes the idea of continuity or persistence. Whether it’s remaining present, enduring, or prevailing, the opposite of disappearing suggests a sense of permanence or ongoing existence. By exploring various antonyms for disappear, we can appreciate the importance of things being visible, present, constant, or enduring in our lives. This contrast highlights the significance of continuity and the lasting impact of things that never truly vanish.

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