Opposite of DISCUSS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When communicating, we often seek to convey ideas or explore topics through discourse. One key aspect of exchanging thoughts and information is discussing, where individuals engage in conversation, debate, or thorough examination of a subject. However, sometimes we may want to focus on the opposite of discussing, which involves refraining from conversing or arguing about a particular matter.

Antonyms for discuss encompass actions that differ from engaging in discourse. These contrasting terms describe instances where individuals avoid or abstain from discussing and instead choose to keep silent, refrain from debating, or bypass any conversations on the subject at hand. By exploring antonyms for discuss, we can broaden our understanding of communication by acknowledging the existence of alternative ways of interacting or not engaging in verbal exchanges.

Understanding antonyms for discuss provides insight into the various modes of communication and interaction. These opposing concepts shed light on the importance of listening, contemplating in solitude, or avoiding contentious conversations in certain situations. By recognizing antonyms for discuss, we can appreciate the diversity of communication styles and the significance of non-verbal expressions as valid forms of interaction.

35 Antonyms for DISCUSS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for discuss. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DISCUSS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Discuss Sentence with Antonym
Ignore Let’s discuss the project details. Let’s ignore the project details.
Avoid We need to discuss the issue at hand. We need to avoid the issue at hand.
Silence She wanted to discuss her concerns openly. She wanted to maintain silence about her concerns.
Disregard It’s crucial to discuss our differences. It’s crucial to disregard our differences.
Neglect Don’t discuss this matter with anyone. Don’t neglect this matter with anyone.
Bypass Let’s discuss possible solutions. Let’s bypass possible solutions.
Forget They invited us to discuss the terms. They invited us to forget the terms.
Shun It’s important to discuss the budget. It’s important to shun the budget.
Dismiss Please discuss your concerns. Please dismiss your concerns.
Evade Let’s discuss alternative options. Let’s evade alternative options.
Let go They will discuss the new strategy. They will let go of the new strategy.
Conceal It’s best to discuss these issues openly. It’s best to conceal these issues.
Suppress We should discuss these matters openly. We should suppress these matters.
Silencing She is discussing her views on the issue. She is silencing her views on the issue.
Keep quiet The team will discuss the upcoming changes. The team will keep quiet about the upcoming changes.
Hush We should discuss the plan as a team. We should hush about the plan as a team.
Mute He discusses politics with his colleagues. He remains mute about politics with his colleagues.
Cease Let’s discuss the pros and cons. Let’s cease the pros and cons.
Refrain Please discuss your opinions with us. Please refrain your opinions with us.
Avoidance The committee needs to discuss the issue. The committee needs to address the issue without avoidance.
Muzzle He is always eager to discuss his ideas openly. He is always eager to muzzle his ideas.
Keep silent It’s important to discuss potential risks. It’s important to keep silent about potential risks.
Concealing He was discussing the recent changes. He was concealing the recent changes.
Stop The group decided to discuss new strategies. The group decided to stop new strategies.
Censor They discussed the controversial topic. They censored the controversial topic.
Hush-hush Let’s discuss the upcoming project. Let’s keep it hush-hush about the upcoming project.
Stonewall The team will discuss the upcoming changes. The team will stonewall the upcoming changes.
Keep mum The staff needs to discuss the budget. The staff needs to keep mum about the budget.
Buried The company plans to discuss the issue. The company plans to keep the issue buried.
Unsay They discussed their concerns with HR. They chose to unsay their concerns with HR.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DISCUSS

In summary, when individuals refrain from discussing important matters, they often opt to avoid, evade, or bypass meaningful conversations. This can lead to misunderstandings, lack of clarity, and unresolved issues. By choosing not to address, engage, or deliberate on key topics, people miss out on the opportunity to communicate effectively and find solutions.

It is vital to recognize the implications of not discussing crucial topics and the impact it can have on relationships and decision-making processes. Embracing open communication, dialogue, and discourse can foster understanding, collaboration, and progress in various aspects of life. So, rather than shying away from conversations, it is essential to engage in meaningful discussions to promote growth and harmony.

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