Opposite of DRUNK – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for drunk are words that represent the opposite state of being under the influence of alcohol. These terms describe sobriety, clarity, and composure instead of intoxication and impaired judgment. Antonyms for drunk can range from casual expressions to formal vocabulary used to describe a person who has not consumed alcohol or is no longer under its effects.

The contrast between being drunk and its antonyms highlights the spectrum of states of consciousness and behavior related to alcohol consumption. While being drunk often implies lack of inhibition and control, the antonyms emphasize moderation, attentiveness, and alertness. Understanding the antonyms for drunk can enhance our ability to communicate effectively about sobriety and responsible drinking habits.

By knowing and using antonyms for drunk, individuals can better express themselves when discussing alcohol-related topics and experiences. These words provide a clear and precise way to convey the opposite of being intoxicated and can help promote a more nuanced understanding of the effects of alcohol on behavior and cognition.

35 Antonyms for DRUNK With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for drunk. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DRUNK antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Drunk Sentence with Antonym
Sober He was drunk at the party last night. She was sober at the party last night.
Abstinent The driver was drunk and causing chaos. The driver was abstinent and focused on the road.
Temperate After getting drunk, he started to feel sick. After staying temperate, he felt composed and healthy.
Clear-headed She couldn’t make sense of what she said while drunk. She spoke clearly and logically, clear-headed.
Straight He stumbled home, clearly drunk. He walked home confidently, completely straight.
Sober-minded Despite being drunk, he was still in control. Despite being tempted, he remained sober-minded.
Level-headed He became aggressive when drunk. He remained calm and collected, level-headed.
Unintoxicated They laughed easily and enjoyed each other’s company despite being drunk. They were engaged and focused, completely unintoxicated.
Teetotal The group got drunk and started singing loudly. The group remained teetotal and talked quietly instead.
Clear Her vision was blurry from being drunk. Her vision was sharp and clear.
Abstain After getting drunk, he regretted his actions. After choosing to abstain, he felt proud of his decision.
Composed She felt dizzy and disoriented from being drunk. She was calm and balanced, completely composed.
Dry The party was lively, with many people drunk. The party was subdued, with everyone remaining dry.
Uninebriated They acted wild and unpredictable while drunk. They acted normal and in control, remaining uninebriated.
Harmonious Arguments often arose when they were drunk. They were in agreement and peaceful, harmonious.
Unintoxicated He felt numb and disconnected after being drunk. He felt alert and engaged, completely unintoxicated.
Lucid She struggled to remember what happened while drunk. She recalled every detail vividly, completely lucid.
Straightedge He got drunk and couldn’t remember anything the next day. He stayed straightedge and felt proud of his clarity.
Astringent They acted impulsively and recklessly while drunk. They remained cautious and restrained, astringent in their decisions.
Unimpaired His coordination was off while drunk. His coordination was flawless and unimpaired.
Clean She felt dirty and unkempt after being drunk. She felt refreshed and organized, completely clean.
Cognizant Their judgment was clouded while drunk. Their judgment was clear and perceptive, cognizant.
Gregarious She became loud and overly friendly when drunk. She stayed reserved but approachable, gregarious.
Sane He acted irrational and foolish while drunk. He made sensible decisions and remained sane.
Moderate They drank until they were completely drunk. They stopped at a reasonable level, remaining moderate.
Put together She acted sloppy and uncoordinated while drunk. She was well-groomed and graceful, put together.
Steady After getting drunk, his thoughts were scattered. He remained balanced and composed, completely steady.
Dry She felt dehydrated and groggy after being drunk. She felt hydrated and refreshed, completely dry.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DRUNK

In this discussion, we explored several antonyms for being drunk, including sober, moderate, and abstinent. These words convey a sense of control, clarity, and restraint in contrast to the state of intoxication. When one is sober, they are not under the influence of alcohol and are able to make rational decisions. Being moderate implies a balanced approach to alcohol consumption, while abstinent suggests complete avoidance of alcohol.

By understanding these antonyms for drunk, we can appreciate the importance of responsible drinking behavior and the benefits of maintaining a clear and alert mind. Choosing to be sober, moderate, or abstinent can lead to improved overall well-being and a reduced risk of negative consequences associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

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