Opposite of ENGRAVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to marking surfaces with designs, names, or symbols, the process of engraving is a popular technique. This involves carving or incising the material to create a lasting imprint. However, sometimes the opposite effect is desired, where instead of adding marks, there is a need to eliminate or obscure them. This is where antonyms for engrave come into play.

While engraving involves making distinct impressions through carving or etching, the antonyms focus on removing or concealing such marks. This can be achieved through various methods, such as buffing, polishing, or sanding down the surface to erase the engravings. By opting for these antonyms, one can effectively eliminate any existing imprints or restore the material to its original state.

By understanding and utilizing antonyms for engrave, individuals can alter surfaces by undoing or masking engravings. This flexibility allows for unprecedented levels of creativity and customization in various projects, from art pieces to personalized items. Whether opting to erase, efface, or obliterate engravings, the antonyms provide a valuable counterpoint to the traditional technique of engraving.

35 Antonyms for ENGRAVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for engrave. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ENGRAVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Engrave Sentence with Antonym
Erase The artist engraved her initials on the trophy. The student used an eraser to erase his mistake.
Smooth The silver charm was engraved with intricate designs. The surface of the mirror was smooth, without any engravings.
Rub The jeweler engraved the wedding date on the ring. The cleaner used a cloth to rub off the marks on the floor.
Eradicate The memorial plaque was engraved with a heartfelt message. The goal is to eradicate all traces of the disease.
Polish The artisan carefully engraved the pattern on the wood. Please polish the silverware to make it shine.
Add The artist engraved intricate details on the sculpture. Do not add any more decorations, the cake is perfect as is.
Smooth The initials were engraved on the surface of the stone. The wall was smooth without any engravings or marks.
Delete The message was engraved on the necklace. Please delete the text from the document.
Smudge The engraver skillfully engraved the design into the metal. Be careful not to smudge the ink on the paper.
Ignore The message was engraved on the tree trunk. It is best to ignore the graffiti on the wall.
Mar The artist beautifully engraved the quote on the stone. The vandals attempted to mar the surface with graffiti.
Etch The date was engraved into the silver locket. The glass artist used acid to etch a design on the vase.
Mess up The jeweler engraved a special message on the pendant. Please do not mess up the clean surface with scratches.
Outline The intricate details were engraved on the wooden plaque. She decided to outline the design instead of engraving it.
Deface The artist carefully engraved the intricate details on the medal. Please don’t deface the desk with scratches.
Emboss He decided to engrave his name on the wooden trophy. The artist chose to emboss the cover with a raised design.
Efface The craftsman engraved his initials on the piece. It’s essential to efface any personal marks on the product.
Spoil The artisan engraved the intricate design on the jewelry. Rain can spoil the delicate engravings on the monument.
Clean The details were finely engraved on the pendant. Please clean the slate and remove any unwanted marks.
Erode The inscription was engraved on the stone monument. Weathering can erode the engravings over time.
Detract The artist engraved the meaningful words on the memorial. Adding more details may detract from the simplicity of the piece.
Scrub He chose to engrave his initials on the wooden plaque. Please scrub the surface to remove any unwanted marks.
Blur The intricate design was carefully engraved on the sword. Smudging the ink can blur the details on the paper.
Inscribe The artist decided to engrave the message on the medal. Please inscribe your name neatly on the attendance sheet.
Cover The artist engraved the intricate details on the metal. You can use a cloth to cover the painting and protect it.
Fill The jeweler engraved the initials on the gold band. Please fill in the gaps on the form before submitting it.
Roughen The intricate design was delicately engraved on the ring. Careless handling can roughen the surface of the artwork.
Blemish The initials were skillfully engraved on the marble surface. Make sure not to blemish the clean finish with scratches.
Amend The artist worked for hours to engrave the intricate design. The errors in the document were easy to amend and correct.
Repair The artisan spent hours engraving the intricate design. It is essential to repair any damage to the delicate artwork.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ENGRAVE

Overall, while engraving leaves a lasting mark on a surface, its antonyms like erase, ignore, and forget suggest the opposite – a removal or absence of any physical or lasting impression. By not engraving something, we allow for fluidity, change, and impermanence. In contrast to engraving, these antonyms highlight the beauty in letting go, moving on, and embracing the ephemeral nature of life. Sometimes, what is left unsaid or unmarked can be just as powerful as what is engraved, allowing for new beginnings and fresh possibilities.

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