Opposite of ENROLL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Enrolling in a course or program is a common practice, but have you ever thought about the opposite? Antonyms for enroll refer to the act of not registering or signing up for something. This can include opting out, withdrawing, or declining to participate in a particular activity.

When you choose not to enroll in a class or program, you are essentially deciding not to take part in it or become a member. This decision can be for various reasons, such as conflicting schedules, lack of interest, or pursuing other opportunities. Antonyms for enroll encompass the range of actions that involve not formally joining or becoming a part of a specific group or system.

Understanding antonyms for enroll involves recognizing that there are alternative actions to actively engaging in a course or program. By exploring the opposite concept of enrolling, you can gain insight into the different choices available and the implications of not participating in a particular educational or professional endeavor.

35 Antonyms for ENROLL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for enroll. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ENROLL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Enroll Sentence with Antonym
Withdraw Students enroll in classes at the beginning Students withdraw from classes at the beginning
Drop out Many students enroll in the course Many students drop out of the course
Quit She plans to enroll in a new course She decides to quit the new course
Leave The students were happy to enroll at the school The students were unhappy to leave the school
Opt-out Parents have the option to enroll their children Parents have the option to opt-out their children
Unlist The students had to enroll for the upcoming event The students decided to unlist for the event
Refuse The school accepted his application to enroll The school rejected his application to refuse
Shun Their decision to enroll surprised everyone Their decision to shun surprised everyone
Disenroll Students might need to enroll for the course early Students might need to disenroll from the course early
Omit Please remember to enroll for the workshop Please remember to omit the workshop
Skip They were excited to enroll in the program They decided to skip the program
Avoid Sometimes companies enroll employees in seminars Sometimes companies avoid employees in seminars
Deregister Students have the opportunity to enroll in clubs Students have the opportunity to deregister from clubs
Avoid I have decided to enroll in the summer class I have decided to avoid the summer class
Unenroll He was told to enroll in the advanced class He was told to unenroll from the advanced class
Refrain They have chosen to enroll in the course They have chosen to refrain from the course
Abandon They were eager to enroll for the competition They were hesitant to abandon the competition
Discharge The soldiers were asked to enroll for training The soldiers were asked to discharge from training
Refuse The college allows you to enroll in classes The college does not allow you to refuse classes
Decline You can enroll in the course if you wish You can decline the course if you wish
Shun He was excited to enroll in the music class He was hesitant to shun the music class
Prohibit The new law allows parents to enroll their children The new law does not permit parents to prohibit their children
Exclude Students were required to enroll in the new program Students were not allowed to exclude themselves from the new program
Dismiss The opportunity to enroll in the workshop is open The opportunity to dismiss from the workshop is open
Reject Many students will enroll in the science fair Many students will reject participating in the science fair
Refuse You have the option to enroll in the program You have the option to refuse the program
Opt-out Parents can enroll their children in the workshop Parents can opt-out their children from the workshop
Neglect Some students choose to enroll in the elective Some students choose to neglect the elective
Refrain Why don’t you enroll in the training program Why don’t you refrain from the training program
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ENROLL

In conclusion, many people may choose not to register, sign up, or enlist in programs or classes for various reasons. They might opt out, decline, or withdraw from commitments due to conflicting schedules or lack of interest. However, it is essential to consider the benefits of participating, engaging, or joining in these opportunities, as they can lead to personal growth and skill development. Ultimately, the decision to enroll or not is a personal one, but it is worth exploring the possibilities that may arise from taking that step.

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