Opposite of ESCAPE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for escape refer to words that convey the opposite meaning of escaping, which typically involves getting away or breaking free from a situation. These antonyms encompass various contexts where staying, confronting, or facing a circumstance is emphasized rather than avoiding it. Antonyms for escape encourage dealing with challenges head-on and not evading responsibility or consequences.

In contrast to the idea of escaping, antonyms for escape underscore the importance of confronting obstacles or situations directly instead of seeking refuge from them. By focusing on antonyms for escape, we shift our perspective to embracing difficulties and finding solutions within difficult scenarios. These antonyms promote resilience, perseverance, and the willingness to tackle challenges rather than avoiding them altogether.

Exploring antonyms for escape enables individuals to broaden their understanding of how to approach adverse situations with resolve and determination. By acknowledging the opposite of escape, we can cultivate a mindset that prioritizes courage, accountability, and proactive problem-solving. This shift in perspective empowers individuals to face challenges with confidence and to actively seek resolution rather than seeking ways to evade or avoid them.

35 Antonyms for ESCAPE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for escape. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ESCAPE antonyms.

Antonym Escape Sentence Antonym Sentence
Capture The prisoner tried to escape The police were able to capture the thief
Confined The bird was determined to escape The animal was let out of its confined cage
Found The criminal managed to escape The missing child was finally found
Entrap She was planning a daring escape The elaborate trap was set to entrap the intruder
Hold The prisoner attempted an escape The guards managed to hold them in custody
Release The hostages made a daring escape The captives were awaiting their release
Retained The cat made a narrow escape The treat was closely retained by the dog
Surrender The robbers tried to escape They were forced to surrender to the police
Found The missing hiker wanted to escape Rescuers eventually found him in the forest
Prolong Time was running out for the escaping convict Their delay only served to further prolong their capture
Confined The horse managed to escape The animal was kept confined in a small stable
Allow The prisoners made a bold escape The prison guards did not allow their freedom
Retrieve The cat tried to escape The owner quickly moved to retrieve the pet
Contain The protesters were determined to escape The police have been asked to contain the situation
Seize The thief tried to escape The police were ready to seize the criminal
Confine The hostages hoped to escape They were firmly confined within the building
Catch The suspect made a daring escape The police were determined to catch the criminal
Confine The snake slithered away to escape The cage was necessary to confine the reptile
Free The prisoner dreamt of escape His ankle monitor ensured he’d never be truly free
Secure The fugitive’s plan was a successful escape Police were dispatched to secure the perimeter
Found The tourist made a run for escape The search party was sent to hopefully find them
Eliminate The hostages successfully made an escape Security measures were enhanced to eliminate future occurrences
Retrieve The dog made a quick escape The owner chased after their pet to retrieve them
Reveal The spy managed to escape The identity thief was close to being revealed
Halt The suspects made a dangerous escape The officers were determined to halt their flight
Confine The prisoner was able to escape Their cell was specifically designed to confine them
Capture The cat managed to escape The pet store employee was quick to capture it
Closed The gates were open, inviting an escape A lockdown was in place to keep the prison closed
Safe The family made a narrow escape They finally reached a place where they felt safe
Block The prisoner sought ways to escape Guards were posted to block any potential getaway
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ESCAPE

In life, we often encounter situations where we cannot evade or avoid challenges. Instead of running away from them, facing obstacles head-on can lead to growth and resilience. Embracing difficulties and finding solutions can ultimately result in personal development and empowerment.

By confronting our problems directly, we can learn valuable lessons and build the strength needed to overcome future hardships. Embracing the concept of staying rather than escaping can foster a mindset of perseverance and courage, leading to a greater sense of accomplishment and self-improvement.

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