Opposite of EXTEND – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we seek to convey the opposite meaning of the word “extend,” we are looking for its antonyms. Antonyms are words that express contradictory concepts or opposite meanings. In the case of “extend,” antonyms would refer to words that denote the act of shortening, limiting, or reducing.

Antonyms for “extend” offer a way to characterize notions that contrast with the idea of prolonging or expanding. By exploring antonyms, we can gain a deeper understanding of the full spectrum of possibilities within language. This examination allows us to appreciate the diverse ways in which words can convey differing messages and intentions.

In language and communication, antonyms serve as valuable tools for expressing contrasting ideas and refining our expressions to be more precise and nuanced. By incorporating antonyms for “extend” into our vocabulary, we can effectively communicate a range of meanings and create stronger, more impactful messages.

35 Antonyms for EXTEND With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for extend. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EXTEND antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Extend Sentence with Antonym
Reduce The meeting extend until late in the evening. The meeting had to reduce its duration due to time constraints.
Shorten The road extends for miles without any curves. The road work is expected to shorten the route significantly.
Contract The company decided to extend their services to international markets. Due to financial limitations, the company had to contract its services to only local customers.
Shrink The garden extends to the back of the property. The garden will need to shrink to make space for the new construction project.
Decrease The movie was so popular that its release date had to extend to accommodate all the viewers. The movie’s run time will decrease after the initial hype fades away.
Condense The report had to be extended with additional information to provide a more comprehensive overview. Due to a lack of space, the report will need to condense its content to fit within the allocated pages.
Shorten The deadline for the project was extended by two weeks. Instead of being shortened, the deadline was actually extended to allow for more time to complete the project.
Limit The coastline extends as far as the eye can see. The development plans must limit how far the construction can extend into the protected area.
Abbreviate The professor extended the deadline for the term paper. The professor decided not to abbreviate the reading list despite the time constraints.
Reduce The bridge extends over the river, connecting the two sides of the city. Building a smaller bridge would reduce costs but also reduce the convenience for commuters.
Contract The strike extended for weeks causing disruptions in the industry. In order to end the strike, both sides will need to contract their demands and find a compromise.
Compress The elastic band extends when pulled. The elastic band will quickly compress back to its original size once released.
Minimize The vacation was extended due to flight cancellations. Unfortunately, the vacation had to be minimized to fit within the original schedule.
Retract The deadline was extended to give the team more time to prepare the presentation. Despite initial plans, the deadline will be retracted to ensure the project stays on track.
Decrease The organization decided to extend its working hours to increase productivity. Instead of increasing work hours, the organization should decrease them to prevent employee burnout.
Limit The park extends across the entire neighborhood. To maintain a natural habitat for wildlife, the park must limit how far the urban expansion can reach.
Shorten The leash extends to allow the dog more freedom to explore. In highly populated areas, it is safer to shorten the leash to prevent accidents or conflicts.
Scale down The project was extended to include more features requested by the client. To stay within budget, the project scope will need to scale down and focus on essential elements.
Crop The runway extends into the distance, giving airplanes enough space for takeoff and landing. The runway will need to crop its length to fit into the available land area.
Enlarge The property extends to the edge of the forest. To fit a larger building on the property, the boundaries will need to enlarge.
Shorten The timeline for the project was extended to accommodate delays. To speed up the project, the timeline will need to be shortened by eliminating non-essential tasks.
Reduce The curtains extend from the ceiling to the floor, creating an elegant look in the room. Opting for shorter curtains will reduce the visual height of the room, making it feel more cozy and intimate.
Constrict The river extends through the valley, providing a source of water for the ecosystem. Humans should not constrict the flow of the river by building dams that disrupt the natural habitat.
Compress The road extends for miles with no signs of a town in sight. Due to a lack of space, the town will need to compress its boundaries and focus on vertical construction.
Reduce The presentation extended well beyond the allotted time due to technical difficulties. To avoid such situations, the team should reduce the content to ensure it fits within the time frame.
Condense The history of the building extends back to the 18th century. In order to present a brief overview, the history must be condensed into key events and milestones.
Withdraw The deadline for submissions was extended by a week. If the entries do not meet the criteria, the judges have the right to withdraw them from the competition.
Narrow The river extends across the valley, providing irrigation for the farmlands. To prevent flooding, the river channel will need to be narrowed and maintained regularly.
Stretch The forest extends for miles, offering a habitat for a variety of wildlife. In order to protect the sensitive wildlife, efforts should be made to stretch the preservation area to its maximum capacity.
Contract The work hours were extended temporarily to meet the project deadline. To compensate for the extra hours, future work hours should be contracted to allow employees to rest and recharge.
Cut The tent extends to accommodate multiple campers comfortably. Due to space constraints, one corner of the tent will need to be cut off to fit in the designated camping area.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EXTEND

To summarize, the antonyms for “extend” include shorten, cut, reduce, restrict, curtail, and limit. When we limit our expenses, we can cut down on unnecessary spending. By reducing the amount of time spent on social media, we can shorten our screen time and increase productivity. Curtailing our energy consumption is essential for environmental conservation. Restricting access to certain websites can enhance online safety. In conclusion, the opposite of extending involves actions that involve reducing, limiting, or cutting short in various aspects of our lives.

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