Opposite of FACE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we communicate, we often use a variety of words to describe the world around us and the people in it. One crucial aspect of language is the concept of antonyms, which are words that have opposite meanings to each other. Understanding antonyms enhances our ability to express ourselves with precision and clarity.

Antonyms play a significant role in enriching our vocabulary and aiding in effective communication. They provide us with the necessary tools to convey contrasting ideas, feelings, or characteristics. By knowing antonyms, we can create more nuanced and sophisticated descriptions, leading to more engaging and dynamic conversations.

In written and spoken language, antonyms serve as vital building blocks for constructing sentences that accurately portray opposing concepts. They allow us to paint a more detailed picture of the world by presenting a range of perspectives and viewpoints. Ultimately, mastering the use of antonyms can elevate our language skills and enable us to express ourselves with greater depth and subtlety.

35 Antonyms for FACE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for face. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FACE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Face Sentence with Antonym
Hide She couldn’t face the truth. She couldn’t hide from the truth.
Avoid He had to face his fears. He had to avoid his fears.
Conceal She tried to face her emotions. She tried to conceal her emotions.
Deny He couldn’t face the consequences. He couldn’t deny the consequences.
Reveal The defendant had to face the judge. The defendant must reveal the evidence.
Ignore She just couldn’t face the reality. She just couldn’t ignore the reality.
Resist She had to face the temptation. She had to resist the temptation.
Shun He faced the crowd defiantly. He shunned the crowd defiantly.
Meet She finally must face the challenge. She finally must meet the challenge.
Flee She couldn’t face the danger. She couldn’t flee from the danger.
Disguise He couldn’t help but face the truth. He couldn’t help but disguise the truth.
Escape She must face the consequences. She must find a way to escape the consequences.
Admit She was forced to face her mistakes. She was hesitant to admit her mistakes.
Approach He stood tall and faced his fears. He turned and decided to avoid his fears.
Exhibit He had to face his actions. He had to conceal his actions.
Confront She had no choice but to face the problem. She didn’t want to confront the problem.
Depart She must face the consequences. She must depart from the consequences.
Conquer He was determined to face his fears. He was determined to conquer his fears.
Show She had to face the music. She had to hide from the music.
Encounter He must face his worst nightmare. He must shun his worst nightmare.
Oppose He bravely faced his opponents. He timidly opposed his opponents.
Approach She nervously began to face her fears. She decided to avoid her fears altogether.
Acknowledge She refused to face the truth. She refused to acknowledge the truth.
Refrain She had no choice but to face her emotions. She tried to refrain from her emotions.
Encounter She couldn’t face her insecurities. She couldn’t avoid encountering her insecurities.
Discover He had to face the truth eventually. He was relieved not to discover the truth.
Suppress She couldn’t hold back tears as she faced the grave news. She was able to suppress all emotions upon hearing the news.
Vanish As she opened the door, a smile faced her. As she closed her eyes, all troubles vanished away.
Express She bravely faced her innermost thoughts. She struggled to express his innermost thoughts.
Retreat She was forced to face her adversaries. She chose to retreat from her adversaries.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FACE

In summary, the various antonyms for “face” illustrate the diverse ways in which we can express the idea of turning away, avoiding, or confronting different situations. Whether it is about confronting challenges head-on or avoiding difficult conversations, these antonyms demonstrate the array of emotions and actions associated with facing or not facing something directly.

By exploring a range of antonyms for “face,” we can grasp the complexity of human interactions and responses to various circumstances. Understanding these antonyms expands our perspective on how individuals navigate through life, showing the significance of both confronting and avoiding different situations in our everyday experiences.

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