Opposite of FREE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for free refer to words that express the opposite meaning of “free” or without cost. These antonyms are used to convey the idea of something that requires payment or has a price attached to it. Understanding antonyms for free is essential for developing a strong vocabulary and effective communication skills.

When seeking antonyms for free, it is important to consider words that indicate a cost or fee associated with a product or service. By familiarizing yourself with these antonyms, you can accurately express the concept of payment or value in various contexts. Utilizing antonyms for free adds depth and precision to your language, allowing you to convey nuanced meanings and ideas effectively.

Exploring antonyms for free can enhance your ability to communicate clearly and accurately in both written and spoken language. By recognizing and incorporating these antonyms into your vocabulary, you can expand your linguistic skills and better express the concept of cost or payment. Practice using antonyms for free to refine your language proficiency and communicate with greater precision and clarity.

35 Antonyms for FREE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for free. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FREE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Free Sentence with Antonym
Restricted The free event is open to everyone. The event is restricted to invited guests only.
Imprison The prisoners were set free. The criminals were imprisoned for their actions.
Enslave They fought for their right to be free. They were forced to enslave to the cruel master.
Confined The cat was finally free from the crate. The bird was confined in a small cage.
Captivate The magician set the dove free. The audience was captivated by his performance.
Dependent She’s finally free from her parents’ control. She’s now completely dependent on her caregivers.
Confined The gates were opened, setting them free. They felt confined within the walls of the castle.
Ensnared The butterfly was set free. The spider’s web ensnared its prey.
Subjugated The citizens demanded to be free from tyranny. They were tired of being subjugated by the dictator.
Enforce The law ensures everyone is free to express themselves. The strict rules enforce silence in the library.
Predetermined The students were given free rein to choose their project. Their topics were predetermined by the teacher.
Confined The bird was set free to soar through the sky. The fish was confined to the small bowl.
Constrained His schedule is finally free of commitments. His time is constrained by prior engagements.
Oppressed The citizens rose up to fight for their freedom. They were tired of being oppressed by the ruling class.
Constrained She felt free to explore the world. She felt constrained by her responsibilities.
Ensnared The deer was caught in a trap but managed to break free. The rabbit was ensnared in the hunter’s snare.
Obligated Now that he’s retired, he is free from work commitments. He felt obligated to provide for his family.
Imprison The criminal was finally set free. The innocent man was wrongly imprisoned.
Confined The prisoners longed to be free. They felt confined within their cells.
Ensnared The spider caught the fly in its web but let it go free. The mouse was ensnared in the trap set by the cat.
Captivate The music set her mind free from worries. The book’s storyline captivated her attention.
Dependent With her new job, she became financially free. Without any income, she was dependent on others for support.
Constrained The artist felt free to express his creativity. His ideas were constrained by the project guidelines.
Oppressed They fought for the right to be free from oppression. The people were tired of being oppressed by the government.
Enslave The abolitionists worked tirelessly to set slaves free. The cruel master continued to enslave innocent people.
Restricted The beach is open to everyone, so feel free to join us. The country club is restricted to members only.
Predetermined The outcome of the experiment was free of any bias. The results were predetermined by the flawed methodology.
Constrained They were finally free to make their own choices. Their decisions were constrained by external influences.
Confined She felt free in the open fields. She felt confined in the crowded city.
Enforce The school promotes an atmosphere where students feel free to express themselves. The strict dress code enforces conformity among students.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FREE

In life, we often encounter restrictions, limitations, and obligations that restrict us from being completely free. Whether it be financial constraints, societal expectations, or personal responsibilities, there are always factors that challenge our sense of freedom. However, embracing these constraints can also lead to growth, self-discipline, and a deeper appreciation for the moments when we do experience true freedom.

While freedom is commonly associated with independence and lack of constraints, the presence of boundaries and responsibilities can provide structure and purpose in our lives. By recognizing and accepting the antonyms of free – such as obligations, duties, and restrictions – we can navigate through life with a greater sense of balance and resilience, finding moments of freedom within the constraints that shape our journey.

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