Opposite of FRIVOLOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for frivolous are words that represent seriousness, importance, and depth. These antonyms serve as the opposite of frivolous characteristics, reflecting a more significant and significant nature. By exploring antonyms for frivolous, one can gain insight into contrasting qualities that hold weight and substance.

The use of antonyms for frivolous allows for a deeper examination of concepts that are profound, meaningful, and purposeful. These antonyms provide a contrast to frivolity, highlighting the value of seriousness and depth in various contexts. Exploring antonyms for frivolous can enrich communication by offering a more nuanced and thoughtful approach to conveying ideas and emotions.

In contrast to frivolous characteristics, antonyms for frivolous play a crucial role in emphasizing importance, gravity, and significance. By understanding and utilizing these antonyms, individuals can enhance their ability to express themselves with depth and purpose, leading to more effective and impactful communication.

35 Antonyms for FRIVOLOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for frivolous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FRIVOLOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Frivolous Sentence with Antonym
Serious She dismissed the frivolous idea without a second thought. It is important to take a serious approach to this issue.
Thoughtful His frivolous behavior during the meeting was inappropriate. She appreciated his thoughtful gesture.
Meaningful Stop wasting time on frivolous pursuits and focus on what matters. She wanted to engage in meaningful activities.
Significant His frivolous attitude towards the project led to its failure. This project has a significant impact on our community.
Purposeful The meeting was frivolous and did not serve any purpose. Let’s have a purposeful discussion about our goals.
Weighty She was tired of his frivolous jokes and longed for a more weighty conversation. The weighty issues they discussed left a lasting impact.
Pragmatic Seeking a solution to the problem required a pragmatic approach, not frivolous ideas. His frivolous decisions were in stark contrast to his pragmatic nature.
Sensible Instead of indulging in frivolous spending, she opted for a more sensible approach to saving. It’s time to make a sensible decision rather than a frivolous one.
Substantial The company needed to focus on making substantial changes, not frivolous ones. The lack of substantial improvements was due to frivolous decision-making.
ritical His frivolous remarks during the meeting were not welcomed by the critical audience. It was important for her to provide critical feedback, unlike his frivolous comments.
Earnest A more earnest approach is needed instead of indulging in frivolous activities. Let’s be earnest about our goals and avoid frivolous distractions.
Immovable Her frivolous attitude towards the negotiations clashed with his immovable stance. It was clear that he was immovable in his position unlike her frivolous behavior.
Valuable She wasted her time on frivolous endeavors instead of focusing on more valuable pursuits. Time is valuable, and she should invest it wisely rather than in frivolous activities.
Sincere His frivolous apologies were insincere, unlike her sincere gestures. A sincere conversation was needed instead of frivolous exchanges.
Pertinent The meeting needed to address pertinent issues, not veer off into frivolous discussions. It was important to stay on topic and discuss only pertinent matters, avoiding frivolous talk.
Grave The situation was grave and required a serious response, not a frivolous one. His frivolous behavior during the crisis was a stark contrast to the grave circumstances.
Sensible She found his frivolous spending habits unsettling and preferred a more sensible approach. Making sensible decisions was vital, especially when faced with his frivolous choices.
Substantial The project called for substantial changes, not frivolous modifications. Rather than making substantial improvements, they continued with their frivolous actions.
Responsible Avoiding frivolous behavior was a sign of being responsible for one’s actions. She needed to be more responsible and less frivolous in her decision-making.
Serious His serious demeanor contrasted sharply with her frivolous behavior. It was crucial to approach the matter with serious thought rather than indulge in frivolous activities.
Significant The lack of progress was due to frivolous actions instead of taking significant steps forward. To make significant progress, it was necessary to avoid frivolous distractions.
Concerned While she was concerned about the outcome, he approached the situation with a frivolous attitude. It was time to show genuine concern instead of frivolous disregard for the matter.
Meaningful She longed for a more meaningful conversation instead of his frivolous banter. The meaningful discussion was a welcome change from the frivolous chitchat.
Sensible In the face of adversity, they needed to be sensible rather than resort to frivolous measures. Making a sensible decision was crucial in times of crisis, unlike making frivolous choices.
Weighty The lack of progress was due to his frivolous decisions instead of taking weighty actions. Making weighty decisions was necessary to move forward, not frivolous ones.
ronic Despite her insistence on being frivolous, the situation called for an ironic twist. The ironic turn of events highlighted the need to handle things seriously rather than indulge in frivolous behavior.
Imported The matter was imported and required a serious approach, not a frivolous one. Frivolous actions were unsuited for dealing with imported matters.
Profound Delving into profound discussions was preferred over indulging in frivolous conversations. The lack of profound meaning in their discussions led to frivolous exchanges.
Sober Taking a sober look at the situation was crucial, not engaging in frivolous activities. It was time to remain sober and focused, avoiding frivolous distractions.
Competent Dedication and competence were required instead of frivolous behavior to succeed. She needed to show that she was competent and capable, unlike her frivolous actions.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FRIVOLOUS

Serious matters should always be approached with care, as they can have significant consequences and impacts. It is important to avoid being thoughtless or flippant when dealing with important issues, as this can lead to overlooking key details or making hasty decisions. Instead, being thoughtful, deliberate, and thorough in our actions can ensure better outcomes and prevent unnecessary mistakes.

By prioritizing seriousness over frivolity, individuals can demonstrate respect for the gravity of a situation and show a commitment to handling it with the required attention and maturity. This approach can foster trust, reliability, and credibility in professional and personal interactions, leading to more positive and successful outcomes in various aspects of life.

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