Opposite of GLORIFY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we seek to find the opposite meanings of words that often convey praise or admiration, we delve into the realm of antonyms for glorify. Antonyms refer to words that have opposite meanings to a particular word, providing a contrast in interpretations and connotations. The process of exploring antonyms for glorify allows us to understand the diverse range of expressions and perspectives that can be conveyed through language.

By examining antonyms for glorify, we can broaden our comprehension of vocabulary and enhance our ability to communicate nuanced ideas. These contrasting words offer a different lens through which we can view concepts of praise, exaltation, and admiration. By noting the antonyms for glorify, we can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the spectrum of emotions and attitudes that can be expressed in speech and writing.

Understanding antonyms for glorify can assist in developing a more nuanced vocabulary and effective communication skills. By recognizing the contrasting meanings and implications of words that are typically associated with praise or admiration, we can expand our ability to express a wide range of sentiments. Exploring antonyms for glorify encourages us to think critically about language and consider the multifaceted nature of human expression.

35 Antonyms for GLORIFY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for glorify. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding GLORIFY antonyms.

| Antonym | Sentence with Glorify | Sentence with Antonym |
| ————- | ——————————————– | ——————————————————– |
| Belittle | The media glorifies celebrities. | The media often tends to belittle ordinary people. |
| Disparage | The film glorified violence. | The film sought to disparage violence. |
| Demean | Some songs glorify substance abuse. | It is unacceptable to demean addiction. |
| Deprecate | The book sought to glorify war heroes. | The author did not want to deprecate their efforts. |
| Defame | Some magazines glorify unhealthy bodies. | It is wrong to defame individuals for their size. |
| Vilify | Some movies glorify criminal behavior. | We should not vilify people for their mistakes. |
| Criticize | The show glorifies excessive spending. | It is important to criticize financial irresponsibility. |
| Discredit | The article glorified an unethical act. | The publication did not want to discredit their integrity. |
| Blame | The painting glorifies nostalgia. | It is wrong to blame the artist for their style. |
| Shame | Some advertisements glorify materialism. | It is not good to shame people for their choices. |
| Disapprove | The article glorifies procrastination. | It is essential to disapprove of laziness. |
| Marginalize | The song glorifies superficial beauty. | We must not marginalize people based on appearance. |
| Diminish | The documentary glorified exploitation. | The director did not mean to diminish the suffering. |
| Downplay | The book glorifies political corruption. | It is dishonest to downplay the impact of the issues. |
| Insult | The speech glorified discrimination. | It is offensive to insult entire groups of people. |
| Reproach | The article glorified dishonesty. | We should never reproach honesty and integrity. |
| Slam | The article glorifies unhealthy habits. | It is unfair to slam individuals for their lifestyle. |
| Disdain | The film glorified greed. | It is important not to disdain those in need. |
| Dishonor | The magazine glorifies betrayal. | It is crucial not to dishonor trust and loyalty. |
| Devalue | The show glorifies toxic relationships. | It is wrong to devalue healthy connections. |
| Prohibit | The article glorified dangerous behavior. | Laws are in place to prohibit such actions. |
| Condemn | The song glorifies violence. | Society should condemn acts of aggression. |
| Rebuke | The novel glorified deceit. | It is necessary to rebuke dishonesty and lies. |
| Shame | The show glorifies gossip. | It is important not to shame people for rumors. |
| Blame | The artwork glorifies revenge. | It is harmful to blame artists for their themes. |
| Despise | The article glorifies arrogance. | It is not right to despise humility and modesty. |
| Demote | The film glorifies selfishness. | In real life, we should demote such behaviors. |
| Berate | The song glorifies vanity. | It is not acceptable to berate individuals for their appearance. |
| Detest | The painting glorifies destruction. | It is inhumane to detest preservation and creation. |
| Deplore | The movie glorified greed. | We should deplore excessive materialism. |

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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of GLORIFY

Various antonyms of glorify include defame, discredit, disparage, and criticize. These words all convey the opposite of celebrating or promoting something. When we choose to defame or disparage someone or something, we are highlighting the negative aspects rather than praising them. It is important to remember that not everything needs to be glorified, and there can be value in acknowledging imperfections or limitations.

By exploring antonyms of glorify, we are reminded of the importance of balance and objectivity. While it is natural to want to highlight the positive aspects of a person or idea, it is equally important to consider the potential drawbacks or criticisms. This can lead to a more nuanced and realistic understanding of the world around us.

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