Opposite of GRAPPLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When faced with words that are the opposite of “grapple,” one may find a sense of clarity and relief. Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of a given term, providing a helpful way to express contrasting ideas or concepts. By exploring antonyms for “grapple,” individuals can enhance their understanding of language and enrich their communication skills.

Antonyms for “grapple” can offer a fresh perspective and new ways of approaching challenges. These opposing terms can help convey ideas of release, surrender, or detachment, offering a sense of freedom or ease. By utilizing antonyms for “grapple,” individuals can expand their vocabulary and communicate more effectively in various contexts.

Whether in writing or conversation, incorporating antonyms for “grapple” can bring balance and nuance to expressions and help convey a wider range of emotions and experiences. By embracing the diversity of language through antonyms, individuals can cultivate a more nuanced and impactful way of communicating ideas and feelings.

35 Antonyms for GRAPPLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for grapple. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding GRAPPLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Grapple Sentence with Antonym
Disengage The two wrestlers grappled with each other in the ring. The two wrestlers easily disengaged from each other in the ring.
Surrender He decided to grapple with his inner demons. He decided to surrender to his inner demons.
Release The fisherman had to grapple with a stubborn fish. The fisherman had to release the stubborn fish.
Avoid The team had to grapple with the issue at hand. The team chose to avoid the issue at hand.
Retreat The soldiers were trained to grapple with the enemy. The soldiers were trained to retreat from the enemy.
Let go Sarah had to grapple with her fear of heights. Sarah eventually learned to let go of her fear of heights.
Separate The police officers had to grapple with the suspect. The police officers quickly separated from the suspect.
Surrender He was forced to grapple with the consequences of his actions. He was forced to surrender to the consequences of his actions.
Avoid The politician tried to grapple with the accusations. The politician tried to avoid the accusations.
Free The hiker had to grapple with the large boulder. The hiker managed to free the large boulder.
Flee The detective tried to grapple with the criminal. The detective tried to flee from the criminal.
Disentangle The cat had to grapple with the ball of yarn. The cat managed to disentangle itself from the ball of yarn.
Relinquish The student had to grapple with the difficult math problem. The student decided to relinquish the difficult math problem.
Divorce The couple had to grapple with their marital issues. The couple eventually decided to divorce their marital issues.
Dodge The goalie had to grapple with the soccer ball. The goalie managed to dodge the soccer ball.
Break free The prisoner had to grapple with the handcuffs. The prisoner managed to break free from the handcuffs.
Ignore He was unable to grapple with his emotions. He chose to ignore his emotions.
Avoid The company had to grapple with financial losses. The company tried to avoid financial losses.
Release The wrestler tried to grapple with his opponent. The wrestler decided to release his opponent.
Reject She couldn’t help but grapple with her feelings for him. She couldn’t help but reject her feelings for him.
Elude The team had to grapple with their elusive competitors. The team decided to elude their elusive competitors.
Resign The manager had to grapple with the difficult decision. The manager decided to resign to the difficult decision.
Abstain He was determined to grapple with the challenge. He decided to abstain from the challenge.
Separate The siblings constantly grappled with each other. The siblings decided to separate from each other.
Evade The suspect tried to grapple with the police officers. The suspect attempted to evade the police officers.
Let go The mountaineer had to grapple with the heavy bag. The mountaineer decided to let go of the heavy bag.
Avoid The team tried to grapple with the strong opponents. The team attempted to avoid the strong opponents.
Break away The victim managed to grapple with the kidnapper. The victim finally broke away from the kidnapper.
Dismiss He had to grapple with the criticism of his work. He chose to dismiss the criticism of his work.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of GRAPPLE

In conclusion, instead of struggling or wrestling with a problem, one can approach it with ease and tackle it effortlessly. When faced with a challenge, we can choose to confront it calmly rather than becoming entangled in a difficult situation. By avoiding a confrontation or an arduous battle, we can find smoother and more straightforward solutions to our issues.

Embracing cooperation, harmony, and simplicity instead of conflict, struggle, and complication can lead to more peaceful resolutions and positive outcomes. Choosing to sidestep a confrontation or a tussle allows for a more relaxed and efficient problem-solving process, ultimately leading to a more favorable and stress-free experience.

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