Opposite of HUNGRY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you searching for words that mean the opposite of “hungry”? You’ve come to the right place. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. When looking for antonyms for “hungry,” you are seeking words that convey the idea of being satisfied, full, or satiated.

By exploring antonyms for “hungry,” you can expand your vocabulary and enhance your understanding of different concepts related to appetite and food consumption. This knowledge can be particularly useful for improving communication skills, whether in writing or conversation.

Discovering antonyms for “hungry” allows you to express a range of feelings and experiences related to being well-fed and content. With a variety of options to choose from, you can accurately convey your thoughts and emotions in a more nuanced way.

35 Antonyms for HUNGRY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for hungry. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HUNGRY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Hungry Sentence with Antonym
Full He went to bed feeling hungry. She ate a big dinner and felt full.
Satiated After a hearty lunch, he was no longer hungry. She was completely satiated after the meal.
Fed The children were hungry before dinner. Their mother fed them a delicious meal.
Nourished Many families in the area were hungry due to the drought. The organization provided food to ensure everyone was nourished.
Fulfilled His stomach grumbled as he felt hungry. Eating the delicious meal left him feeling fulfilled.
Content Despite being hungry, he decided to wait for the main course. After finishing her meal, she felt content.
Satisfied The smell of freshly baked bread made him even more hungry. A hearty meal left him feeling satisfied.
Quenched She felt hungry after a long day of hiking. Drinking water quenched her thirst but not her hunger.
Well-fed The children were hungry after playing outside all day. Their grandmother made sure they were well-fed.
Replete Despite feeling hungry, he waited for her to arrive to eat. After the meal, he was replete and content.
Sated They felt hungry after the long journey. The delicious meal sated their hunger.
Fulfilled His growling stomach indicated he was hungry. The satisfying meal left him feeling fulfilled.
Nourished The refugees were hungry after days of travel. The kind family ensured they were nourished.
Unhungry He skipped breakfast, but surprisingly did not feel hungry. After a hearty meal, she was definitely unhungry.
Stuffed Despite feeling hungry, he refused to snack before dinner. Indulging in the meal made him feel stuffed.
Replenished They felt hungry after a long day of work. Eating the hearty dinner replenished their energy.
Satisfied Despite being hungry, they decided to wait for the celebratory meal. The feast left them all satisfied.
Fed The kittens were hungry and meowed for food. After being fed, they purred in contentment.
Nourished The villagers were hungry due to the failed crops. Aid organizations ensured that everyone was nourished.
Replete Despite feeling hungry, they chose to save their appetite for the banquet. The feast left them replete and content.
Well-fed The animals were hungry after a long winter without food. The spring grass ensured they were well-fed and healthy.
Satiated He was always hungry right after his physical training. A nutritious snack satiated his hunger.
Fulfilled His stomach growled, indicating he was hungry. The substantial meal left him feeling fulfilled.
Nourished The children seemed unusually hungry after running around the park. Their caregiver ensured they were nourished with a healthy meal.
Unhungry Despite having skipped lunch, she felt oddly unhungry. The aroma of dinner made her realize she was truly not unhungry.
Stuffed He felt ravenous and hungry after a long hike. Overeating at the celebratory dinner made him feel uncomfortably stuffed.
Replenished They were hungry from the long trip and eager to eat. A hearty meal replenished their energy and spirits.
Satisfied Despite being hungry, he decided to wait for the special dinner. The delicious meal left him feeling completely satisfied.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HUNGRY

Overall, when we are not hungry, we are satiated and full, content with the food we have consumed. The opposite of feeling famished is feeling satisfied, nourished, and fulfilled. Instead of craving food, we feel satisfied and no longer have the urge to eat. Our hunger is replaced with a sense of contentment and comfort, indicating that our body’s nutritional needs have been met. By understanding the antonyms of hunger, we can appreciate the importance of listening to our body’s signals and finding balance in our eating habits.

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