Opposite of ATTRACT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When searching for words that are the opposite of “attract,” one may be referring to antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a particular word. In the case of “attract,” antonyms are those words that convey the idea of repelling, deterring, or causing aversion.

These antonyms can be used to convey the opposite effect or feeling of drawing in or appealing to something or someone. By understanding the antonyms of “attract,” one can effectively communicate the concept of pushing away, discouraging, or creating a sense of unappeal.

In both writing and conversation, utilizing antonyms for “attract” can add depth and nuance to the expression of ideas. By incorporating these opposing words, a broader range of emotions and situations can be effectively conveyed.

35 Antonyms for ATTRACT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for attract. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ATTRACT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Attract Sentence with Antonym
Repel The strong magnets attract each other. The same poles repel each other.
Deter The bright lights attract moths at night. The strong smell can deter insects.
Reject The job offer attracts many applicants. She decided to reject the job offer.
Discourage His enthusiasm attracts new students. The negative comments can discourage others.
Disgust The sweet smell attracts bees to the flowers. The foul odor can disgust people.
Repulse The shiny object attracts attention. The dull appearance can repulse people.
Drive away The colorful display attracts tourists. The loud noise can drive away visitors.
Dissuade The tasty scent attracts hungry customers. The high prices can dissuade buyers.
Detract The new store design attracts a younger crowd. The outdated interior can detract customers.
Scatter The bird feeder attracts various species. Loud noises can scatter the birds.
Ward off The bright colors attract attention. Certain sounds can ward off intruders.
Dispense with Positive reviews attract new customers. Negative feedback can dispense with potential clients.
Ignore Opportunities attract those who seek them. Neglect can cause one to ignore the chance.
Drive off The aroma of food attracts hungry customers. Unpleasant smells can drive off diners.
Unappealing The unique art piece attracts collectors. The design is rather plain and unappealing.
Bore His sense of humor attracts friends. His bland personality tends to bore people.
Disinterest The big sale attracts shoppers. The high prices result in disinterest.
Eject The bright colors attract attention. The monotonous display may eject interest.
Abhor The warm weather attracts beach-goers. The cold temperatures abhor sunbathers.
Fend off Her kindness attracts many admirers. Her cold attitude can fend off friendship.
Block The outdoor concert attracts large crowds. Bad weather can block attendance.
Prevent The store’s display attracts customers. The lack of parking can prevent shoppers.
Disengage The charismatic leader attracts followers. Lack of communication can disengage supporters.
Neglect Bright colors attract attention. Faded colors can cause neglect.
Drive away The trendy cafe attracts a young crowd. The outdated decor can drive away customers.
Miss The job opportunity attracts candidates. Lack of qualifications can cause people to miss chances.
Ignore The flashy car attracts attention. Being nondescript can cause people to ignore.
Repulse The pleasing aroma attracts customers. The foul odor can repulse potential buyers.
Deter The product attracts buyers. The high price can deter customers.
Disgust The stunning display attracts tourists. The unkempt appearance can disgust visitors.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ATTRACT

In conclusion, while some people may repel others with their unpleasant behavior, there are also those who simply fail to engage or interest others. This lack of charm or appeal can make it difficult for individuals to draw admiration or attention from those around them, resulting in a sense of disconnect or isolation. Conversely, individuals who exude charisma and allure have the ability to captivate and charm others, effortlessly drawing them in with their magnetic presence and winning personalities. Ultimately, understanding the different ways in which people either attract or fail to attract others can help individuals navigate social interactions more effectively and cultivate stronger connections with those around them.

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