Opposite of IMPALE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for impale are words that represent the opposite action or concept of impaling. To put it simply, antonyms for impale are words that describe actions that involve not piercing or skewering something with a sharp object.

When we talk about antonyms for impale, we are referring to words that convey ideas of not being speared, pierced, or punctured. These antonyms serve as opposites for the act of impaling an object or person with a pointed or sharp instrument.

Understanding antonyms for impale helps in expanding our vocabulary and grasping the nuances of language. By recognizing these opposite terms, we gain a clearer understanding of various actions and concepts related to not stabbing or piercing.

35 Antonyms for IMPALE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for impale. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding IMPALE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Impale Sentence with Antonym
Unhitch The knight impaled his enemy with his spear. The knight unhitched his enemy from the spear.
Disengage The surgeon impaled the needle into the patient’s skin. The surgeon disengaged the needle from the patient’s skin.
Release The rebel was impaled on a spike as punishment. The rebel was released from the spike as a sign of mercy.
Free The bullfighter was impaled by the bull’s horn. The bullfighter was freed from the bull’s horn.
Detach The vampire impaled its victim with a wooden stake. The vampire detached its victim from the wooden stake.
Extract The thorn was impaled in the gardener’s hand. The thorn was extracted from the gardener’s hand.
Disconnect The criminal was impaled through the heart with a sword. The criminal was disconnected from the sword in his heart.
Remove The butterfly was impaled on a pin in the collector’s display case. The butterfly was removed from the pin in the collector’s display case.
Dismantle The shish kebab was impaled with a skewer. The shish kebab was dismantled from the skewer.
Unfasten The scarecrow was impaled on a post in the field. The scarecrow was unfastened from the post in the field.
Let go The warrior was impaled by a spear in battle. The warrior let go of the spear that impaled him.
Disentangle The fisherman impaled the worm on the hook. The fisherman disentangled the worm from the hook.
Unpin The insect was impaled on a pin for examination. The insect was unpinned from the examination board.
Withdraw The knight was impaled on the enemy’s lance. The knight withdrew from the enemy’s lance.
Liberate The prisoner was impaled with an iron spike. The prisoner was liberated from the iron spike.
Dislodge The bird was impaled on a sharp branch. The bird was dislodged from the sharp branch.
Dislodged The victim was impaled on a metal rod. The victim was dislodged from the metal rod.
Unfix The culinary delicacy was impaled on a skewer. The culinary delicacy was unfix from the skewer.
Relinquished The dragon was impaled on a knight’s lance. The dragon was relinquished from the knight’s lance.
Uncouple The skewered meat was impaled on the grill. The skewered meat was uncoupled from the grill.
Unsheathe The soldier was impaled by a bayonet in combat. The soldier unsheathed himself from the bayonet.
Unburden The animal was impaled on a hunter’s trap. The animal was unburdened from the hunter’s trap.
Unlatch The frog was impaled on a thorn in the garden. The frog was unlatched from the thorn in the garden.
Let loose The fish was impaled on a hook. The fish was let loose from the hook.
Unhand The prisoner was impaled with a sharp object. The prisoner was unhand from the sharp object.
Unstrap The victim was impaled on a fence post. The victim was unstrapped from the fence post.
Unpeg The banner was impaled on a pole. The banner was unpegged from the pole.
Unhook The steak was impaled on a fork. The steak was unhooked from the fork.
Untether The wrestler was impaled with a sharp stick. The wrestler was untethered from the sharp stick.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of IMPALE

In contrast to impale, which means to pierce or stab, the opposite actions involve protecting and shielding. Instead of a dangerous scene of a sword impaling a target, the opposite would depict safeguarding and sheltering someone from harm. By choosing to shield instead of impale, one can foster a sense of safety and care for others.

Opting for actions that shield rather than impale can prevent harm and promote a nurturing environment. Rather than causing injury or harm, shielding actions can provide comfort and security. Choosing to shield over impale signifies a shift towards compassion, protection, and support for those around us.

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