Opposite of IMPERVIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for impervious refer to qualities or attributes that are opposite in nature to being impenetrable or resistant to outside influence. These antonyms suggest characteristics that are open, receptive, and vulnerable to external factors or influences.

When discussing the antonyms for impervious, we are considering traits that embody qualities like openness, susceptibility, and permeability. By exploring these antonyms, one can gain a deeper understanding of the spectrum of attributes that exist in relation to being impervious.

Understanding the antonyms for impervious can provide valuable insights into contrasting behaviors or qualities that deviate from being unyielding or resistant. By examining these opposites, one can appreciate the diversity and complexity of characteristics that exist in the realm of permeability and receptivity.

35 Antonyms for IMPERVIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for impervious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding IMPERVIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Impervious Sentence with Antonym
Permeable The rain seeped through the impervious roof. The rain flowed easily through the permeable roof.
Vulnerable Despite his tough exterior, he was not impervious to criticism. He was left vulnerable to criticism.
Penetrable The fortress was built to be impervious to enemy attacks. The walls were easily penetrable by the enemy.
Susceptible The company was impervious to economic changes. The company was extremely susceptible to economic changes.
Open He was not impervious to trying out new ideas. He was open to trying out new ideas.
Accessible The restricted area was impervious to unauthorized personnel. The area was made accessible to authorized personnel.
Sensitive Some people are impervious to the suffering of others. Some people are highly sensitive to the suffering of others.
Pliable His stubborn nature made him impervious to compromise. His flexible nature made him pliable to compromise.
Receptive He seemed impervious to any advice given. He was receptive to any advice given.
Responsive The baby seemed impervious to the loud noises. The baby was responsive to the loud noises.
Permeable The soil was not impervious to water. The soil was highly permeable to water.
Sensitive The patient was impervious to the pain medication. The patient was sensitive to the pain medication.
Receptive His mind seemed impervious to new ideas. His mind was receptive to new ideas.
Tolerant She was not impervious to the views of others. She was tolerant of the views of others.
Exposed The old house was impervious to the weather. The old house was exposed to the weather.
Accepting He was completely impervious to change. He was very accepting of change.
Responsive The machine was impervious to human error. The machine was responsive to human error.
Inclined The strong fortress was impervious to enemy attacks. The weak fortress was inclined to enemy attacks.
Attentive She was impervious to the needs of others. She was attentive to the needs of others.
Perceptive He was completely impervious to subtle hints. He was highly perceptive to subtle hints.
Sensitive Despite his tough exterior, he was not impervious to criticism. He was sensitive to criticism.
Open Her mind was impervious to new suggestions. Her mind was open to new suggestions.
Accepting The company was impervious to customer feedback. The company was very accepting of customer feedback.
Flexible His attitude was impervious to compromise. His attitude was flexible to compromise.
Tolerant The city was impervious to cultural differences. The city was tolerant of cultural differences.
Observant She was impervious to the changes around her. She was observant of the changes around her.
Exposed He felt impervious to danger. He felt exposed to danger.
Perceptive Despite his calm demeanor, he was not impervious to the emotions of others. He was very perceptive to the emotions of others.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of IMPERVIOUS

In summary, being receptive to feedback and open-minded can enhance personal growth and relationships. By embracing vulnerability, we create opportunities for growth and connection with others. Unlike being impenetrable or unaffected, being open allows for deeper connections and personal development.

In a world where resilience is often praised, it is important to remember the value of being receptive and adaptable. By being open to new ideas and feedback, we can continuously learn and evolve, leading to richer experiences and relationships. It is through this openness that we can truly thrive and reach our full potential.

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