Opposite of IMPLORING – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for imploring refer to words or expressions that convey a sense of independence, indifference, or refusal rather than strong pleading or begging. These antonyms are used to portray a lack of desperation or urgency in communication.

Words that contrast with imploring reflect a tone of assertiveness, self-assurance, or detachment. They are often employed to convey a sense of autonomy and self-reliance in expressing one’s desires or opinions.

By understanding antonyms for imploring, individuals can more effectively communicate their needs, opinions, or decisions with confidence and assurance, without relying on supplication or desperation to convey their message.

35 Antonyms for IMPLORING With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for imploring. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding IMPLORING antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Imploring Sentence with Antonym
Refusing She implored him to help her find her lost dog. He refused to assist her in her time of need.
Ignoring The child implored her parents to play with her. Her parents kept ignoring her pleas for attention.
Rejecting He implored his boss for a raise in his salary. His boss ended up rejecting his request.
Disregarding The student implored the teacher for extra credit. The teacher ended up disregarding his plea.
Declining She implored her friend to attend her wedding. Her friend ended up declining the invitation.
Withholding The beggar implored passersby for some spare change. The passersby ended up withholding any assistance.
Denying He implored his parents for permission to go on a trip. His parents ended up denying his request.
Dismissing The customer implored the manager for a refund. The manager ended up dismissing the complaint.
Obliterating They implored the judge for a lighter sentence. The judge ended up obliterating their plea.
Refraining She implored her colleagues for help with the project. Her colleagues ended up refraining from assisting.
Resisting He implored the police to search for his missing wallet. The police ended up resisting his pleas.
Abandoning The soldier implored his comrades for assistance in battle. His comrades ended up abandoning him in the field.
Dismissing She implored him to give their relationship another chance. He ended up dismissing her request.
Forsaking The loyal dog implored for attention from his neglectful owner. The owner ended up forsaking their bond.
Evading She implored her brother to help her with her homework. Her brother ended up evading her requests.
Ignoring The diplomat implored for peace in the war-torn region. The warring factions ended up ignoring the plea.
Abandoning She implored her partner not to leave her. Her partner ended up abandoning the relationship.
Rejecting He implored the committee to accept his proposal. The committee ended up rejecting his pitch.
Dismissing The employee implored his boss for a promotion. His boss ended up dismissing his request.
Neglecting The child implored for attention from his busy parents. His parents ended up neglecting his needs.
Dismissing She implored her mentor for guidance in her career. Her mentor ended up dismissing her concerns.
Abandoning He implored the search party to keep looking for his missing friend. The search party ended up abandoning the mission.
Resisting The activists implored the government to address climate change. The government ended up resisting their demands.
Dismissing She implored her landlord to fix the leaking roof. The landlord ended up dismissing her complaints.
Disregarding The patient implored the doctor for more effective treatment. The doctor ended up disregarding the patient’s concerns.
Neglecting She implored her partner to spend more time with her. Her partner ended up neglecting her emotional needs.
Forsaking The loyal friend implored for forgiveness after his mistake. The other friend ended up forsaking the relationship.
Dismissing The student implored the teacher for an extension on the deadline. The teacher ended up dismissing the request.
Refusing She implored her parents to allow her to travel alone. Her parents ended up refusing her request.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of IMPLORING

In contrast to imploring for help, individuals may demand assistance or offer guidance. Rather than begging for support, they might assert their independence or offer their services. This shift in approach highlights the diverse ways in which people can seek or provide help, reflecting a spectrum of attitudes and behaviors beyond just pleading or supplicating. Ultimately, the use of different antonyms for imploring underscores the range of interactions and exchanges that can occur when individuals express their needs and offer assistance in various ways.

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