Opposite of INCOMING – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring language and expanding vocabulary, understanding antonyms is essential. Antonyms are words with opposite meanings to one another, providing a diverse range of expressions in communication. By knowing antonyms, individuals can enhance their language skills and convey ideas with precision.

The concept of antonyms helps individuals to grasp the nuances of language and improves their ability to express thoughts clearly. This knowledge broadens the repertoire of words available for communication, allowing for greater creativity and accuracy in conveying meanings. By recognizing antonyms, individuals can better navigate the vast expanse of the English language and choose the most fitting words for their intended message.

Learning antonyms sharpens one’s linguistic abilities and can be an enriching experience for language enthusiasts. Through a deep understanding of antonyms, individuals can appreciate the subtle distinctions in meaning and choose words that precisely reflect their thoughts and feelings. Expanding one’s knowledge of antonyms opens up a world of possibilities in language usage and fosters effective communication in various contexts.

35 Antonyms for INCOMING With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for incoming. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INCOMING antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Incoming Sentence with Antonym
Outgoing The incoming tide brought a plethora of seashells to the shore. The outgoing tide carried away the debris from the shore.
Departing The incoming flight arrived at the airport ahead of schedule. The passengers were sad to see their loved ones departing from the airport.
Outbound The incoming train from the city arrived at the station right on time. The outbound train is scheduled to leave the station in 10 minutes.
Leaving The incoming rainstorm darkened the sky as it approached the town. After leaving the town, the storm moved towards the countryside.
Exiting Incoming traffic on the highway was moving slowly due to an accident. After exiting the city limits, the traffic on the highway cleared up.
Outspreading The incoming news about the company’s success spread quickly within the organization. The outspreading news of the company’s failure created panic among the employees.
Outward The incoming gush of wind blew the leaves inwards towards the building. The sudden outward gust of wind pushed the leaves away from the building.
Outflowing The incoming stream of water filled up the reservoir within hours. Engineers had to ensure a smooth outflowing of water from the reservoir.
Outpouring The incoming support from the community helped the charity reach its goal. The sudden outpouring of criticism caught the organization off guard.
Retreat The incoming wave crashed against the rocks at the shoreline. Upon seeing the rocks, the wave began to retreat back towards the ocean.
Withdrawal The incoming troops advanced towards the enemy’s stronghold. After multiple failed attempts, the generals ordered a strategic withdrawal of troops.
Outflux The incoming influx of tourists boosted the local economy. The government implemented policies to limit the outflux of money from the country.
Outrise The incoming surge in prices led to a rise in inflation. The subsequent outrise in competition brought prices back to normal levels.
Outmoving The incoming herd of cattle grazed peacefully in the meadow. The shepherd guided the animals when he noticed them outmoving towards greener pastures.
Receding The incoming floodwaters began to submerge the low-lying areas of the town. The residents sighed in relief as they noticed the waters receding from their homes.
Departure The incoming passenger boarded the train that was bound for the capital. Departure of the passenger was announced over the intercom system before the train left.
Outburst The incoming storm unleashed a torrent of rain and strong winds on the city. The meteorologists issued a warning about a potential outburst of sunshine later in the day.
Evacuating The incoming team of firefighters rushed to the scene of the blazing fire. The residents were calm as they proceeded with the evacuating process from their homes.
Outflow The incoming traffic congestion created chaos in the downtown area. The city officials implemented measures to manage the outflow of traffic during rush hour.
Outside The incoming information from the company’s CEO clarified many doubts among the employees. The outside news agency provided a different perspective on the company’s issues.
External The incoming data from the satellite confirmed the presence of a storm approaching. The external factors like wind direction would impact the storm’s trajectory.
Abandoning The incoming delivery of supplies brought relief to the survivors of the hurricane. The government worried about the aftermath of abandoning the disaster-stricken area.
Recession The incoming waves gently lapped against the golden sands of the beach. The economy faced a severe recession due to the global financial crisis.
Egress The incoming visitors flocked to the museum to explore the new exhibition. The museum staff guided the egress of visitors as the closing time approached.
Externalize The incoming knowledge from the research team revolutionized treatment options. The process to externalize the research findings involved collaboration with industry experts.
Outpour The incoming emotions overwhelmed the child as they hugged their lost toy. The therapist guided the child during the emotional outpour that followed the loss.
Evacuation The incoming emergency response team quickly established a base at the disaster site. The evacuation drills conducted by the team ensured preparedness during emergencies.
Outrun The incoming marathon participants were determined to achieve their personal best. The seasoned runner managed to outrun the competition and secure the first-place position.
Extraneous The incoming information provided by the witness was crucial for solving the case. The detective focused on eliminating any extraneous details that might mislead the investigation.
Outbreak The incoming cold front triggered a sudden drop in temperature in the region. Health authorities were alarmed by the potential outbreak of a new virus in the community.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INCOMING

In conclusion, the departure of outgoing individuals often marks the arrival of new faces, indicating a continuous cycle of change and turnover. While some may see the departure as a loss, others view it as an opportunity for fresh perspectives and ideas to enter the scene. The exit of one can pave the way for the entrance of another, maintaining a balance between what is leaving and what is coming in.

As outgoing individuals make their exit, there is room for incoming talents, ideas, and energies to make their presence known. This transition between the old and the new brings about a dynamic shift that keeps environments vibrant and evolving. Embracing the departure of one signifies an opening for the incoming, heralding a process of growth and revitalization in various aspects of life.

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