Opposite of INDULGENCE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for indulgence refer to actions or behaviors that contrast with the act of indulging or satisfying desires. These antonyms can encompass a range of activities that involve self-restraint, moderation, or denying oneself certain pleasures or gratifications.

By exploring the antonyms for indulgence, individuals can gain insight into alternative ways of approaching gratification and fulfillment in their lives. Choosing to practice these antonyms may involve resisting temptations, setting boundaries, or making decisions that prioritize long-term well-being over immediate desires.

Understanding and incorporating the antonyms for indulgence into daily life can promote self-discipline, mindfulness, and a sense of control over one’s actions and choices. By recognizing and embracing these opposing concepts, individuals can cultivate balance, resilience, and healthier habits that contribute to overall well-being and personal growth.

35 Antonyms for INDULGENCE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for indulgence. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INDULGENCE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Indulgence Sentence with Antonym
Restraint She practiced indulgence in eating chocolates. She exhibited restraint in avoiding unhealthy snacks.
Abstinence His indulgence in alcohol led to poor decisions. His abstinence from alcohol helped him stay clear-headed.
Moderation Showing indulgence in spending money is not wise. Practicing moderation in spending leads to better financial health.
Disapproval The teacher frowned upon indulgence in class disruptions. The teacher expressed disapproval towards disruptive behavior.
Constraint Their indulgence in free time activities led to neglect of responsibilities. Their constraint regarding leisure time helped them focus on tasks.
Asceticism Her life was marked by indulgence and luxury. His life was characterized by asceticism and simplicity.
Temperance His lack of indulgence in rich foods kept him healthy. His temperance in eating contributed to his well-being.
Austerity The politician’s indulgence in lavish parties raised eyebrows. The politician’s austerity was reflected in simple events with no extravagance.
Abnegation Her indulgence in fashion made her stand out at the party. Her abnegation of fashion trends made her blend in with the crowd.
Frugality Their indulgence in gadgets left little room for savings. Their frugality enabled them to build a stable financial future.
Self-denial His indulgence in desserts was replaced by a strict diet. His journey towards self-denial of sugar was challenging but rewarding.
Temperateness Her indulgence in sugary drinks affected her health negatively. Her adoption of temperateness in beverage choices led to improved well-being.
Sobriety His lack of indulgence at the party allowed him to drive home safely. His sobriety ensured responsible behavior throughout the event.
Avoidance The trainer emphasized avoiding indulgence in unhealthy snacks. The focus was on avoidance of sugary treats to promote a balanced diet.
Subduing Her act of indulgence in anger management workshops paid off. She practiced subduing her anger and saw positive changes in her behavior.
Abnegation Their indulgence in worldly pleasures distracted them from their goals. Abnegation of material desires allowed them to focus on personal growth.
Forbearance His indulgence in petty arguments caused unnecessary stress. His forbearance helped maintain peace by avoiding unnecessary conflicts.
Constrain The doctor advised indulgence in physical activities to improve health. The doctor warned against constraining oneself to avoid physical stagnation.
Neglect The parents indulged their child, leading to neglect of discipline. Instead of indulging, they chose to address issues to prevent neglect.
Denial Her indulgence in unhealthy habits affected her well-being. Her refusal to indulge in negative behaviors led to a healthier lifestyle.
Aversion His indulgence in risk-taking often led to dangerous situations. He developed an aversion to taking unnecessary risks after negative experiences.
Chastity Her lack of indulgence in relationships was seen as admirable. Her commitment to chastity reflected her values and beliefs.
Prohibition The rules enforced indulgence in sharing treats during lunch. The prohibition on sharing snacks aimed to maintain cleanliness and order.
Denunciation The leader’s indulgence in corruption led to public denunciation. The community’s denunciation of corruption signaled a push for accountability.
Refrainment His indulgence in speaking freely sometimes led to regret. He learned the value of refrainment in conversations to maintain respect.
Resistance Her indulgence in temptations weakened her sense of resistance. Building up her resistance to negative influences helped her make better choices.
Moderateness Embracing indulgence in spending can undermine financial moderateness. Practicing moderateness in expenses ensures financial stability.
Repudiation The team’s indulgence in aggressive strategies backfired. The team’s repudiation of harmful tactics led to successful outcomes.
Disallowance The policy aimed at reducing indulgence in unauthorized expenses. Disallowance of unnecessary spending helped improve financial management.
Restraints His lack of restraint in eating led to health issues. Practicing restraints in portion control improved his well-being.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INDULGENCE

In moderation, exercising restraint over lavishness can lead to discipline and self-control. Denying oneself of excess can result in self-discipline and frugality. Abstaining from extravagance can foster resilience and strength, allowing one to resist temptation and prioritize more essential needs.

By resisting indulgence and embracing discipline, one can cultivate a sense of balance and clarity in their life. Avoiding overindulgence can promote a healthier lifestyle and financial stability. Practicing self-discipline over indulgence can lead to increased mindfulness and a greater appreciation for the simple pleasures in life.

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