Opposite of INTELLIGENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Do you ever find yourself searching for words that are the opposite of “intelligent”? These words are known as antonyms for intelligent and provide a contrast to the concept of intelligence. By understanding these antonyms, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the spectrum of cognitive abilities and characteristics that exist in the world.

Antonyms for intelligent refer to words that represent the opposite end of the intellectual spectrum, highlighting qualities that are associated with a lack of intelligence or cognitive prowess. These antonyms serve as a valuable tool in language and communication, allowing individuals to express thoughts and ideas with precision and clarity by choosing the most fitting term for a given context.

Exploring antonyms for intelligent can provide insights into various aspects of human cognition and behavior. By delving into these contrasting terms, we can enhance our understanding of the diverse range of mental capacities and attributes that shape our interactions and perceptions of the world around us.

35 Antonyms for INTELLIGENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for intelligent. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INTELLIGENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Intelligent Sentence with Antonym
Stupid She is intelligent and bright. He is stupid and dim-witted.
Unintelligent Being intelligent is a great asset. He is unintelligent and lacks knowledge.
Ignorant Intelligent students excel in school. She is ignorant and unaware of current events.
Foolish Sarah is intelligent and quick-witted. John is foolish and thoughtless.
Dull Alex is intelligent and sharp. Kate is dull and slow-witted.
Senseless Being intelligent makes problem-solving easier. He is senseless and lacks reasoning skills.
Dim She is intelligent and astute. He is dim and lacks understanding.
Slow-witted Intelligent individuals make wise decisions. Tom is slow-witted and struggles with complex tasks.
Naïve His intelligent approach to problem-solving is commendable. She is naïve and easily deceived.
Inane Mary’s intelligent remarks impressed the audience. His remarks were inane and lacked substance.
Imbecilic Intelligent people often excel in their careers. He is imbecilic and struggles with basic tasks.
Obtuse His intelligent remarks sparked an interesting discussion. Her comments were obtuse and lacked insight.
Unsmart Sam is known for being intelligent and resourceful. Kelly is unsmart and tends to make poor decisions.
Incompetent Kate’s intelligent solutions saved the project. He is incompetent and unable to complete tasks efficiently.
Ignoramus She is known for her intelligent approach to problem-solving. He is considered an ignoramus, lacking knowledge.
Slow Tim is intelligent and quick on his feet. Sarah is slow and lacks mental agility.
Vacuous Being intelligent opens many doors in life. His arguments were vacuous and lacked substance.
Witless John is intelligent and sharp-witted. Jane is witless and lacks cleverness.
Unperceptive Intelligent individuals grasp concepts quickly. She is unperceptive and struggles to understand complex ideas.
Dumb Cindy is intelligent and well-spoken. Tom is dumb and struggles to articulate his thoughts.
Mindless His intelligent decisions helped the company succeed. She is mindless and acts without thinking.
Inept Being intelligent is a valuable trait in today’s world. He is inept and lacks the necessary skills.
Obtuse Sarah is intelligent and perceptive. Kevin is obtuse and often misses the point.
Half-witted Intelligent individuals are often sought after in the workforce. She is half-witted and struggles to grasp complex ideas.
Silly His intelligent analysis of the situation was impressive. Her comments were silly and lacked logic.
Injudicious Intelligent people are known for making sound decisions. He is injudicious and often makes reckless choices.
Slow Emma is intelligent and quick to learn. Scott is slow and struggles with new concepts.
Imprudent Making intelligent decisions requires critical thinking. She is imprudent and tends to act without thinking.
Unwise Being intelligent helps in problem-solving. He is unwise and often makes poor choices.
Brainless Lisa is intelligent and has a sharp mind. Jim is brainless and lacks critical thinking skills.
Incapable Claire is intelligent and capable of handling challenging tasks. He is incapable and struggles to complete simple tasks.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INTELLIGENT

In everyday language, we often use terms like “foolish” or “unintelligent” to convey the opposite of being smart or clever. People may make choices that seem illogical or misguided, reflecting a lack of wisdom or discernment. It’s important to remember that intelligence can manifest in many forms beyond academic or cognitive abilities.

By recognizing and accepting the spectrum of intelligence, we can appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of individual strengths and capabilities. Embracing different ways of thinking and problem-solving can lead to greater innovation and collaboration, fostering a more inclusive and understanding society.

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