Opposite of KARMA – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for karma are concepts that contrast with the idea of cause and effect based on one’s actions. These opposites encompass philosophical beliefs that challenge the notion of cosmic justice and the cycle of retribution that karma represents in various spiritual traditions.

In considering antonyms for karma, it is important to acknowledge ideologies that emphasize randomness, chaos, and the absence of a predetermined fate based on past deeds. These contrasting views propose a world where events unfold independently of personal actions, devoid of any moral significance or karmic implications.

Exploring antonyms for karma invites a reflection on alternative belief systems that reject the idea of a universal system of justice and moral consequences tied to individual behavior. By examining these opposing concepts, we gain insight into diverse perspectives on the nature of existence, free will, and the dynamics of cause and effect in the universe.

35 Antonyms for KARMA With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for karma. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding KARMA antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Karma Sentence with Antonym
Reward Karma will determine your future outcomes Lack of reward will not impact your future
Innocence Bad karma may lead to a troubled life Good innocence will lead to a peaceful life
Punishment Karma caught up with him eventually His act of kindness avoided any punishment
Redemption His karma from the past haunted him His redemption story inspired many
Consequence Your actions will shape your karma The situation occurred without any consequence
Misfortune His karma was to experience hardship His misfortune turned into an opportunity
Destruction The city faced the consequences of bad karma Good construction helped rebuild the city
Guilt His karma caused a feeling of remorse His innocence relieved him of any guilt
Blame He blamed his misfortunes on his past karma He took responsibility instead of placing blame
Blessing Good karma brought positivity into her life Every obstacle turned into a blessing
Grace She handled the situation with a sense of karma Her act of kindness was a symbol of divine grace
Fortune His good karma led to a fortunate life Lack of fortune did not affect his happiness
Praise His good deeds earned him positive karma The praise he received was not due to karma
Forgiveness Giving others a chance for better karma Her act of forgiveness changed their perspective
Happiness Good karma resulted in a happy outcome His constant sadness was a result of poor happiness
Mercy Her karma was to extend a helping hand Showing no mercy led to isolation
Salvation His positive karma saved him from many troubles Lack of faith resulted in no salvation
Harmony The community lived in peace due to good karma The lack of understanding disrupted the harmony
Oblivion Good karma allowed his name to be remembered His cruel actions would result in complete oblivion
Gratitude His good deeds elicited feelings of positive karma These feelings were reciprocated with gratitude
Rebirth His karma carried over to his next life The concept of rebirth did not apply to him
Hope Her belief in positive karma gave her hope The lack of hope stemmed from a pessimistic outlook
Generosity Acts of kindness often lead to good karma His lack of generosity was apparent to all
Curse His actions brought forth a curse of bad karma The ancient curse was broken by a twist of good fate
Integrity Good karma came from his honest integrity Lack of integrity was clouding his judgement
Victory His hard work paid off with positive karma The lack of victory drove him to improve
Havoc Bad karma left a trail of destruction Her presence calmed the chaos and prevented havoc
Celebration Good karma was followed by joyous celebrations The event did not warrant any form of celebration
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of KARMA

In examining antonyms for karma, we can see a contrast between actions and consequences. While karma typically involves a connection between one’s actions and their future outcomes, the antonyms imply a lack of accountability or repercussions for one’s deeds. Actions performed without regard for consequences may lead to a sense of detachment from the idea of karma. This perspective suggests a different approach to understanding the relationship between our actions and the effects they may have on our lives.

By exploring the concept of antonyms for karma, we can gain insight into varying beliefs about cause and effect. The absence of consequences in these alternative views challenges the idea of cosmic justice and highlights different interpretations of how our actions shape our reality. Ultimately, considering these antonyms prompts reflection on the significance of accountability, intention, and outcomes in our daily lives.

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